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I'm a low porosity, coarse, medium to high density 3a/b. I'm at a point where I would like to wear my hair down more regularly rather than just sticking it up in a bun after the first day. 

In the past week or so I've been using a satin cap type thing to sleep in (I actually modified a pair of pajama trousers because that was what I had to hand but they appear to be a satin material as there is a dull side and shiny side, I've been sleep with the shiny side against my hair) It seems however that what ends up happening is that my hair ends up up kind of frizzy and dry and the curl drops out really quickly. I'm not sure if that's to do with how I'm sleep with my hair now but I don't know if it might be a contributing factor. I'm going to see if possibly sleeping with my hair clipped up helps to retain volume and curl as it may be that my hair gets so heavy that it's puling the curl out by itself to an extent.

In relation to that, just recently I've started using more product in my hair as well but it seems like at least for the first day it actually provides enough moisture to get some really good curl which is what I'm looking to preserve. I wash my hair with a sulfate shampoo, then put regular conditioner in and let that sit, then wash that out and put more of the same conditioner in and layer in sof n free curl activator and flaxseed gel. Granted, the gel was homemade up until just this week (so not great hold) when I purchased more Aunt Jackie's so I guess I can see if that helps. The conditioner is a coconut conditioner and the brand is invecto. My hair seems to get on well with coconut though the consistency is fairly thick and creamy.

I think the problem may be that my hair is thick so gets weighed down easily, but it also clearly needs enough moisture to curl. I know I also struggle with volume on top, so any thoughts in that regard would be great. I'm wondering if asking a stylist (still haven't found one as after a couple of bad haircuts have been trimming my own ends) for some layering would help, as that's something I'm wary of doing myself. 

Overall, any thoughts or advice on how to keep my hair going for longer, how to achieve more volume, maybe better things to look out for in product consistency etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)


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    Seems like you need to hit your hair with a clarifying shampoo. The moisturizer is heavy and without occasionally using a more cleansing shampoo, the moisturizer could actually BLOCK the true moisture that comes from water.


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    The shampoo is a sulfate one and I use itbecait b we have hard water, as I use that every week I think that's doing the same thing? :)
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    In order to get a good second day hair, you need a really good first day hair.

    For curl retention, most of us need a product with hold.  So try a hard holding gel.  Homemade flaxseed gel has no hold at all, so that won't help preserve the curls.  I don't know what you have available where you are - some you might be able to find are Deva Ultra Defining gel, Giovanni LA gel, maybe Aussie Instant Freeze. 

    Another thing you might want to look at is if you need protein in your routine.  I'm not familiar with any of your products so I can't tell if you're using protein or not.  Protein will help provide structure to your hair, which will help with curl retention and also volume.

    I can't keep satin on my hair, so instead I sleep with a satin pillowcase and my hair pineappled.  But really, what you do with your hair during sleeping is less important than getting that strong curl pattern going, which all happens on wash day.
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    Ok thanks, that's useful. I will look into the protein front but the good thing is, I did buy some Aunt Jackie's flaxseed gel after trying homemade and finding it lacked hold, so I'll see how that goes to. :)
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    The good thing is, the sof n free has hydrolysed collagen, so I'm getting some protein and the aunt jackie's should help with hold. :)

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    Definitely try a harder hold gel. And try plopping your hair into your stain cap so it preserves volume. Layering definitely helped me with volume as well as clipping.
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    Thanks. :) I'm already using gel and plopping so will have to try layers too. :)

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