New to CGM, but what about heat-styling?

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I have long, 2c/3a fine hair and decided to start the CGM now. I already know a lot of stuff about it, since I've been on this site for more than a year, reading all the articles, etc. I wash my hair every other day, mostly because my scalp gets oily fast and also I am totally unable to properly refresh my hair even on day 2 - it just looks dry, frizzy and sloppy, if I add product, it looks heavy, if I use water, the frizz gets worse.  So day 3 hair is out of question for me. My hair doesn't curl at the roots and on day 2 the straight part goes all the way down to my ear (instead of just 1-2 inches at the roots).

To get to my question - I heat style. I wear my hair down every day, I hate up-dos, ponytails, everything like that.
I have a middle part and the front parts just don't curl nicely. They all go in a different direction, I might have a cow-lick on one side in the front and if I don't heat-style, my hair looks horrible, un-made and sloppy, and I cannot have that in the professional setting of my workplace. I use a straightening iron to make them curl the way I want to - I am trying not to totally fry my hair (160 C / 320 F) but I can tell that my curl pattern has been getting looser over time and there is some breakage and split ends in these parts.

Still not the question itself, but it just occurred to me to ask - so I am talking breakage and split ends here, meaning obviously the individual hairs in these strands aren't all the same length. So let's say there is a 10 inch hair with a split end, and a 5 inch one that broke off. If I go to a stylist, they are unable to cut off the end of that 5 inch hair to make it healthy again since the 10 inch hair is there and obviously they will be cutting from the bottom of that one, but what about the shorter hairs that broke off?

And finally, here is my actual question:

Do I have to give up heat-styling? I only do 2 strands of hair on each side of the part. And if I do give it up, how do I survive that. I am just thinking that no matter if I do the CGM, those curls in the front are just never going to be curling 'right' for me not to have to style them. Or will the CGM help those strands to curl in a nicer way or even a different direction? 

Thanks for all your help in advance!

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    Welcome to CurlTalk! 

    You're in charge of your hair, and the whole point of doing this is so we have hair that looks good and makes us feel good.  If that requires using a flat iron for you, then go for it.

    That said, as long as you continue using an iron, the hair damage will continue.  Those short broken hairs that you mentioned - they don't get cut (obviously), and so they'll eventually split, and break off even shorter.  For some people, this becomes a real problem.  For others, it's just a mild problem that's easily ignored.

    Those front pieces may eventually curl nicely without the use of heat.  Or maybe not...there's no predicting what your hair is going to do.  There are ways you can help during styling.  You can do a pin curl and let it air dry.  Some people can do just a finger curl when wet and release, and the hair will hold that curl.  But you'll never know until you give it a try, and you'll have to get to a point where you can accept less that perfect results. 

    If they turn out bad, you can pull them back and clip, or do a half-updo, or tuck them underneath. 
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    You can do as you like, but heat styling mixed with color tends to be more than the hair can handle (why so many celebrities have extensions).
    AS for the shorter pieces, I highly recommend dusting your hair at home by yourself. There are several methods to do so. The first is take inch sections and twist and cut off the ends that stick out. Take similar sections and run your fingers down the length, cutting any ends off. Braiding sections and cutting the ends sticking out. Many YouTube videos will show you how to do this.
    As far as heat, you can do twist outs. How many depend on your hair texture. There a flexirods for heartless curls that mimic a curling wand.
    If you are determined to heat style, you could get a curling wand or iron that makes similar curls to your natural ones and touch up areas that look strange. This keeps heat to a minimal (10 seconds on the wand) and you probably would only need to touch up the top layers.


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