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Hello curltalkers!
After scouring reviews for the Wave Whip by Cantu (a mousse, foamy product) I decided I would just go ahead and purchase it myself for $5.99 at Target. Yesterday I used it as my only styler on day 1 hair (I used about 2-3 pumps which may have been too much) and..... I had some mixed results. While my hair felt really soft and not very product-y with NO CRUNCH at all (even though I love a good crunch), I had practically no waves. More just fluffy barely 2a waves that I haven't had in a while. I will update you all next washday when I not only clarify but I will use it under my gel and I'm thinking maybe they will work together to give me better definition. If you have drier hair and are looking for beachy, soft hair as opposed to a bit crunchy and defined hair, go with Wave Whip. 
Please let me know if any of you guys had luck with this product, and if so, what I might be doing wrong and how to use it better. 
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Open to suggestions/help with my temperamental waves!
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    I'm sorry it didn't work out. Hopefully you can find a way to use it. I remember you asking about it. If you can't find a way to use it effectively, I'm pretty sure target takes returns on beauty and personal care items that didn't work out for you.
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    I've heard of using foam on dry hair as a refresh - you might want to give that a try too.  I've never had any luck at all with any mousse or foam.  They just don't seem to do anything for me.
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