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Hello everyone ! 

I have a few questions: my hair has taken the length and I feel that my curls are still changing .. Am I still in type 2C-3A ?

 Oh and also: I have less definition on the lower layer of my hair, is that normal, what can I do to remedy it? I have very slightly wavy hair on the lower layer and lot of ringlets on the layer above. I use only the moisturing styling foam from True by made beautiful and curl the defining curl custard from Aunt jackie's.. I don't know if it's the right products for me..  

Thank you in advance for your answers!

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    I agree with 2c/3a.  Your hair looks beautiful!

    If those products are working for your hair, keep using them!  My curls are usually 2c/3a/3b, but all the hairs on my head range from 2a to 3c.  For me, knowing the thickness of the individual strands and their porosity is also useful when choosing products and techniques.  I haven't found any particular products that make my curls more uniform, but I try to get them to clump as much as I can, otherwise they look stringy.  You may want to check out pin-curling techniques, or finger-coiling, or different ways to apply your products to your hair, to see if that helps with getting the wavies a little curlier if you are not satisfied with having different curl sizes.

    Hope that helps!
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    Pretty as always!  You might try concentrating on putting more product on those underlayers, and with all the products you use - conditioner, leave in and stylers.  Sometimes it's hard to distribute everything evenly, and you could be missing out on that lower layer of hair.
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    Thanks @rabar and @Guide 65 !

    Yes it's true I do not really put a lot of product on the lower layer of my hair .. Maybe that's why!

    I will try also the pin-curling techniques or finger-coiling  😊

    Thanks again @ guide65 always good advice !

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