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I realized about 2 weeks ago that I have 2b waves, and that I love them! I'm trying to embrace my waves and get a few days out of them. Background. I've been silicone/sulfate free for as long as I can remember, probably several years. I do bleach my blonde, otherwise I hate my mousy brown color.

Right now I'm struggling with:

1. Porosity - I cannot seem to figure out if my hair is porous or not. I put it in a bowl of water and forgot about it overnight to find it still floating at the top the next morning, however, my hair wets easily in the shower, and my hair stylist says my hair is pretty porous. It definitely has a good amount of frizz, but gets greasy at the top within 1-2 days tops. If I run my finger up it, it feels just ever so slightly less than perfectly smooth. 
2. Hard water and how this affects how/if/when I clarify and what products I use. Any ideas?
3. UPSIDE DOWN EVERYTHING. I cannot seem to get my hair to come right side up once I've gotten it upside down. I'll get beautiful clumps upside down, but then I try to come right side up and all my hair just wants to stay in my face. I think it may be because I'm combing my hair upside down (I need help aligning the clumps, I think) from nape of neck to crown. I think I might need to try doing a center part down the back of my head? I did something like that the first time, and the front of my hair still just wanted to fall right in front of my face, like the girl from the ring... 
4. I have EXTREMELY fine hair, each strand is SUPER thin. Some days I can get big, bouncy voluminous waves, and it's like magic. Other days I end up with stringy, limp, bedraggled rat hair. How? No idea... 
5. Lastly, Protein. I have no idea if my hair is desperately in need of protein, relatively balanced, or ?. 

I have been searching through forums and the web for all this info but haven't found all the answers I need yet. I've been using the CG friendly shampoos and conditioners I have in my bathroom to experiment on leaving more product in, and I've got the Aussie instant freeze gel that worked well one day and then terribly the next wash day. I used way more, and I think I over did it, or broke up my clumps too much. I've been air drying, then plopping with the cast still on overnight. This seems to be working ok so I don't get any strange bumps, but I'm interested to try a hair buff too. I think I might just  make one, as I've got a sewing machine and good stretchy material.  

All the variables are driving me crazy and I guess I'm looking for reasonably priced product recommendations and how to enhance and keep curl without getting limp. Oh, and if I need protein or not... and a zillion other questions. 

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    Welcome to CurlTalk! 

    Porosity:  If you bleach your hair, it's likely to be high porosity.  The float test has too many variables to be accurate.  I would go with what your stylist said - she has experience with all kinds of different hair and probably knows best.

    Hard water buildup happens.  To remove it, use a shampoo designed to get rid of it.  Ion Hard Water shampoo or Malibu C are two that are pretty easy to find.

    If upside down doesn't work for you, then you can do everything upright or from side to side.  It takes some practice and experimentation to figure out how to get your hair to go backwards after doing everything upside down.  I have the same problem!

    Protein is really tricky to figure out.  Most people need some protein, some of the time.  For now, you should just ignore the whole thing unless/until you notice problems of either curls being limp and falling out, or your hair is stiff and tangley, or breaking off.
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    Agree with Guide. Bleached hair is typically very porous as the bleach makes holes in the hair to lift out color.
    i style completely upright as upside down is disasterous for me. I feel like my bleach hair being porous grabs onto other hair too easily so it doesn’t want to settle down when upright after being upside down.
    definitely deep condition once a week with bleached hair. It will do wonders. Shea Moisture and Made Beautiful have some really good inexpensive ones (if you are in the US, TJ Max has the best price on Shea Moisture Masques... don’t pay full price elsewhere for them as they go on sale often.)
    As far as protein moisture, bleached hair likes both so you can’t really overdo either. Some good cheap protein masques are the DIY gelatin treatment (love, but it’s messy and only do once a month), Joico K Pak (if on sale, can be cheap but has mineral oil... not a miracle so don’t feel the need to go out and buy), Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor (mineral oil again), and Neutral Protein Filler that you can mix with conditioner to DIY protein or pour on if wanted.
    Style on soaking wet hair is another tip. This helps my hair with clumps as well as retaining moisture for as long as possible. Keep at it. Hopefully these tips help. Transitioning can create inconsistent results.


  • wavydirtyblondewavydirtyblonde Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 9 Curl Neophyte
    Thank you both for your suggestions and comments and for taking the time to read through my novel! I do have crazy tangles sometimes and from reading more about bleached hair, I think it could use some protein. I'm starting off using products that have proteins like silk and keratin about 1/2 way down the label. Let's see what happens! 

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has issues with the upside-down to right-side-up transition, I thought I was going to fail at this method before I'd even started. I tried the part down the middle and more side to side than upside down, and it seemed to really help to break up the mat of hair that didn't want to come off my scalp. 

    I think the next sort of product I need to update is my conditioner. I know I need a lightweight, moisturizing conditioner that can hopefully double as my leave in/deep conditioner if I add some jojoba oil or something. Now I get to go on the hunt for that!

    Thank you again!
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    Hey! I advise checking out Curl ninja over on YouTube. She demonstrates porosity while in a pool. Here’s the video 
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    I am also really new to the curly/wavy girl method and am trying to figure out what is best for my hair. I think that I'm probably 2b and pretty course, but porosity I have no clue. I tried the not your mother's pink bottles of both shampoo and conditioner be I do need shampoo to help clean out excess oils. Yet after trying the conditioner for little over a week it left a waxy feel and almost film on my hair that even right after rinsing it all out still appeared even in the shower. I want to know what products that aren't expensive are best for my oily semi thick corse 2b hair. Thank you!! That and an idea of a whole weekly and monthly wash routine because I want some jumping off points in caring for my hair.

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