Where is the mistake in my haircare routine

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My curl type is -2b.So my hair care routine is.Shampoo- Shea moisture jamacian black castor oil shampoo.Conditioner-Leave in (Shea moisture jamacian black castor oil).Gel- Aloe vera 97% gel (scrunches after applying gel).Spray- Got to be twisted styling spray.Problems:-hair too close to scalp, the wave pattern is uneven and loose at the back, also the waves are crunchy and not well defined at all.Where do you guys think the problem is in my hair care routine and any suggestions for fixing it?.Cheers


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    Shea Moisture might be too heavy for your hair.  Shea butter has a tendency to build up very badly in some people's hair.  Do a good clarifying shampoo (use something with sulfates), then switch your shampoo and conditioner to something lighter.  Not Your Mothers Naturals are inexpensive and pretty good, and they have quite a few lines to choose from.

    Aloe vera gel is not styling gel.  It won't give you any hold, and it's got an incorrect pH balance for hair.  It can be good for your hair when mixed in with other ingredients, but not great on its own.  Switch that out for a proper styling gel.  LA Looks or Aussie Instant Freeze are cheap and popular.

    Double check the ingredients in your Got to Be styling spray.  This is not one I've seen used in a CG routine, so it might have silicones in it.  Clarifying will help get rid of the silicones if it does.

    Hopefully some different products will give you better results!
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    Agree with Guide. I personally really dislike the JBCO Shampoo and find it too drying. The leave in is ok in dime size amounts, but I just used mine up and won't be be purchasing. And leave in do not make good rinse out comditioners. Definitely switch gels. Eco styler Aryan oil is cheap as well as Bioterra Alcohol Free Styling Gel, both can be found at Sally if in the US or Canada. Let us know what country you're in and well try to suggest products.
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    I am in UK at the moment,any drug store gel there

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