Protein overload, moisture overload, or something else entirely?

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My hair used to curl beautifully, then all of the sudden it is covered in surface and halo frizz. I dont remember the last time my hair looked this bad. M 3B curls are holding their shape, I don't feel like there is any breakage, my curls spring back up when pulled, but they are frizzy, dry, and my hair just feels like brittle straw. My hair care routine when this all started was: Co-wash with Suave tropical coconut conditioner. Shampoo with Aussie Smooth (later changed to suave almond and shea butter, before was garnier whole blends) Use ACV as a rinse, Deep conditioned with Loreal elvive  total repair 5 damage erasing balm (didn't read the side where it said alond+protein+ceramide, So I was thinking maybe I have protein overload?), Used Aussie smooth conditioner (previously this argan oil conditioner from Walmart that was in a blue pump bottle that I don't remember the name and then later suave almond and shea), Tresseme flawless curls gels, occasionally Aussie sprunch mousse, beautiful textures curl control defining pudding, and organix moroccan argan oil, would scrunch my hair with a T-shirt, and then plop. It always looked great, Now, not so much. I bought different products (Renpure coconut whipped Leavin, Marc Anothony coconut oil and shea buter curl cream, Renpure coconut oil) and I stopped using the deep conditioner. I don't know what to do. I've cried so  much.


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    I'm so sorry you're feeling insecure about you're hair, I get that all the time, it can be so frustrating when the products that once worked no longer do, especially when you dont even know what the problem is. From what it sounds like you're using alot of products, have you tried using less, even just shampooing and conditioning? or just conditioning? Also the acv acts as a clarifyer so using it every wash could be over-clariying your hair leaving it dry and frizzy, especially since you're using a shampoo as well. I also think alot of the products you're using aren't cg friendly, I would reccomend buying some testers online(I really like innersense, Jessicurl and I've heard devacurl is good but I haven't been able to try it as they don't ship to Australia)If you can afford it. I really hope you find something that works for your hair, if there is anything else you could say about your hair(porosity, thickness, even a photo) that would help us understand what the problem is a little better. Good luck!
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    This is how my hair gets when it has too much protein. I would do a deep conditioning with a protein-free conditioner (make sure to check for hidden proteins, like grain extracts), and then go on a protein-free regimen. If protein overload was the problem, you should see improvement within a week, and in a couple of weeks your hair should be back to normal.
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    Completely agree with @oceankascurls
    So sorry to hear that though, it sucks to feel insecure and sad about your hair; believe me, I've been there too. 

    There is a way out though! I would switch to Curly Girl approved products and then see what happens. The frizz can be due to sillicones in your products, which are actually 'suffocating' your hair; they just coat it with a plastic-y layer that feels soft, but actually what you are feeling is just the plastic on top of your hair, not your hair itself. When you first started using all these products your hair might have looked pretty good, but maybe the point has come that your hair cannot take it anymore, so now it started to frizz up as a 'cry for help'. It sounds pretty dramatic but yea, I think you could really benefit from giving up sulphates, silicones and mineral oils. 

    Also, when you do an ACV rinse, what ratio of acv to water do you use? Apple cider vinegar is really acidic, and when doing regular rinses a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water is more than enough (really!). pH levels work on a logarithmic scale, meaning that if you have something that has a pH of 2 and you want to bring it up to 3, you need to add 10 times water to the amount of acid you have. And from 3 to 4, another ten times as much water as your acid. ACV has a pH of about 2, and you want your rinse to have a pH of about 4-5, so a teaspoon of acv in a glass of water is more than enough. If you're rinsing regularly with a solution that is too acidic that might also contribute to frizz. 

    I hope the curly girl method will solve your frizz, give it time but I'm sure it will! It did for me at least..
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    I think the symptoms indicate moisture deficiency, and I think it's because your products are not water soluble. That creates buildup on the hair, which prevents moisture from penetrating. I would recommend clarifying (Malibu-C Un do goo or Kinky Curly Come Clean), and switching to water soluble products (Deva, Jessicurl, RawCurls, Innersense, CurlyWorld, Curly Hair Solutions, Giovanni... those are some of the brands that have quality, water-soluble products). Deep conditioning with a moisturizing treatment would help a lot too. 
    If you wish to stay with current products, I would recommend clarifying very often. ACV rinses are very drying, so maybe stop doing it for a while and see if the situation improves. 
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