Batia and Aleeza, Alterna, Curly Tee Towel, Trisemme Sea Salt Spray, and More

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Hi everyone,

I posted here earlier about my unholy excess of hair products in the hopes of trading, but since I wasn’t getting a lot of traffic, I ended up just posting my items on Ebay, where I did sell a bunch of items. (Sorry, all my Raw Curls products have now been purchased! They went really fast.). Basically, Batia and Aleeza changed their gel formula, and while it’s still an amazing gel, I find that it doesn’t work for my hair post-baby as well as it used to. I absolutely adored it for many years. But, post-baby, my hair has gotten super weird.

The upshot is that I went on a hunt for new products, and a lot didn’t work out. (I’m still looking for a new holy grail product.)  So I have a lot of stuff used just once, and some items brand new and unopened that I purchased on impulse and later decided probably wouldn’t work for me. For instance, I bought a bunch of the Batia and Aleeza gels, thinking I’d stock up before I had my baby, so I actually have one bottle used a few times but mostly full and in good condition, and three brand-new and unopened bottles. Seriously, it’s an amazing gel, just slightly thicker and firmer-hold, I am told, than it used to be. I gather from my hair stylist I will need some kind of lighter volumizing foam from now on. I have a mix of 2b/2c/3a hair, on the thick side, but somewhat fine, and very temperamental after having my first child. Not sure about porosity. I blame the hormones for the product-buying binge.)

Combined shipping available on any of these items, just let me know if you'd like an estimate.

Hopefully these Ebay links will work. Let me know if there are any questions or issues with the links.

Batia and Aleeza Bio-Herbal Sculpting Gel (Brand New, Unopened)


Batia and Aleeza Bio-Herbal Sculpting Gel (Brand New, Unopened)


Batia and Aleeza Bio-Herbal Sculpting Gel (Brand New, Unopened) (this listing may not show up until the first two new bottles are bought – to be clear, I have three brand-new, unopened bottles of the Batia and Aleeza gel, and one used)

Batia and Aleeza Bio-Herbal Sculpting Gel (Used Thrice, In Great Condition)


Original Curly Tee Towel (Excellent Condition, Used Once)


Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves


Alterna Bamboo Beach Breeze Dry Balm Air Dry Styler


TRESemmé PERFECTLY (UN)DONE Sea Salt Spray 6.76 oz (New, Plastic Wrap Sealed)


Bed Head TIGI Wave Artist Ceramic Deep Waver (Opened But Never Used!)

(Thought I'd try to polish up my curls and waves but never ended up using it and no space in the bathroom.)


Vidal Sassoon Curling Iron (Lightly Used)

(Same deal as above -- though this one I did try a few times, I found I didn't have time or space for a curling iron.)


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    Would like try towel but want know why u want sell it? Does it dry well?
  • WavyProfWavyProf Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 10 Curl Neophyte
    Sure, that's a good question. I just found that I didn't have the time or focus to deal with a fancy towel thing. I never really mastered the art of "plopping" with a t-shirt even after watching countless YouTube videos, and thought a specially designed towel would help me in this endeavor. But alas, I tried once and I still couldn't seem to do it properly, so why keep it? On top of that, I've come to understand my hair a bit more, and have realized that frizz actually isn't my biggest issue. My biggest issue is my hair getting limp and not having enough volume, and so for me personally, the frizz-fighting strategies of special towel, satin pillowcase, and the like aren't my top priority. (I'd welcome some frizz if it helped enhance volume, and will deliberately muss my air up during the day in order to cause a little frizz but a lot of volume. This seems to me to be a particular issue for people with finer hair, where we actually need to strategically touch our hair and scalp more often to keep it pumped up, whereas those with thicker or coarser curly hair may need to avoid touching it in order to prevent frizz.)
  • WavyProfWavyProf Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 10 Curl Neophyte
    Oh, does it dry well -- I can't really say as I couldn't quite figure out how to put it on right (i.e. "plop"). Sorry! I'd have a look at the user reviews on Amazon or ask there? Here's the link:
  • BlessingNaturalBlessingNatural Registered Users Posts: 86 Curl Connoisseur
    Ok I will sit this one out, it doesn't seems to have good reviews on drying

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