What do you believe brings out your hair texture?

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I've followed CG on and off (currently on) and it makes me curious, what do you think brings out your hair type (waves, curls and kinks).

For you is it following the CGM? Is it simply learning techniques like S2C, plopping, diffusing etc? 

I would love for simply following the CGM to bring out my waves but I dont think that quiet enough for my hair and I'm not fully committed to techniques because they just take too long. That leaves me with my 1c-2b hair depending on the day. 

What about you? 


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    For my hair, it's a combination of the right products for me, plenty of moisture, the different techniques, and plenty of protein.  Also frequent clarifying.

    Some people can get beautiful curls with just conditioner, rinse, gel and air dry.  Not me.  I would LOVE to have a simple, easy routine like that.  The more time I take to make my hair look good, the better it looks.  So it's up to you to balance your time and effort vs how you want your hair to look.  I have days I just don't want to do all that, but it really shows.
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    Curly Girl method solved the immense dryness issue and frizz, so that was definitely the foundation. Styling on soaking wet hair and gently scrunching helped with frizz too and bringing out the waves.
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    CGM helped teach me to listen and understand my curls.  Once I was able to start pinpoint what I want to "fix" about my curls, bringing out my curls became easier.

    Techniques have been the number one thing for me. I have pretty solid type 2/ type 3 curls. It's almost like each strand wants to do it's own thing on different days.  To get the most out of my curls I need to encourage my strands to clump with other strands who are in the say curl mood as themselves (I.e type threes clump together.  type twos clump together).  Once I can do that, I can focus on enhancing my type two curls (diffuser) and maintaining frizz and hold (products).

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    I'm with @Guide 65. For me, it's a combination of technique and the right products. My hair is very sensitive, and it easily gets too much protein or too much moisture. I have to be very careful. And it is a lot of work! But I find that the more effort I put into day 1, the better my hair looks on days 2 and 3.

    The most important things for me are using shampoos that clean my hair well (co-washing didn't work for me), following good techniques (squish to condish, scrunching, using lots of water to create clumps), using a good hard-hold gel, and clipping and/or diffusing. If I omit any one of these elements, my hair will be stringy and flat.
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    @Roanliving for me it's probably a combo between scrunching in a good hold product, plopping, no silicones, and diffusing. Being similar to what you describe (I'm a 2A so I'm not quite a 2b but not a 1c), it was (and still is) difficult to get 'curls'. I just settle with the S waves that start at my ears, and sometimes curl even higher if I'm lucky! One of the things that was really not helping was brushing. 
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    Technique brings out my texture the most but has to be done with products with a heavier hold to stay that way.
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