Suggestions for my 2a routine?

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Hello, curlfriends! I have been on my wavy hair journey since September but didn't get rid of all the silicones until November/December. It was a hard time to start this journey as winters in the Midwest basically make my hair straight. Below zero temperatures are not a wavy girl's friend. My routine (as I finally figured out how to put under my comments says) consists of the Pacifica salty waves shampoo and then a new purchase of mine, the avocado Garnier mask. I use a really small amount of it as not to overdo my hair. I have been using the Garnier pure clean gel, (silicone free finally) but I recently got ECO Styler gel (the Krystal one) because I need some mega hold in the winter. Also: I have hard water. Not much I can do about it, but I know it has an effect. I wash, and then but the gel on. I blot really gently with a cotton t-shirt to get excess gel off and then wrap my tubie-tubran up for 5-10 minutes. Because it's so cold, I diffuse. Any things I could change to make it better?
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Shampoo- Hask Coconut Milk & Honey Curl Care (Experimenting w/ this)
Clarifying Shampoo- Suave Daily Clarifying (once every 2-4 weeks)
Conditioner- Garnier Fructis 1 Minute Mask (Avacado)
Styler- ECO Gel (Krystal), Garnier Pure Clean Gel
Open to suggestions/help with my temperamental waves!
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    Winter can be so difficult for curls!  What I'm doing this winter is using more of everything.  In the summer, I try to use as little product as I can.  But I'm using more conditioner, curl enhancer and gel right now.  I get a little weighed down, but at least it tames the frizzies.

    For hard water, you can use Ion hard water shampoo (from Sallys) or Malibu hard water shampoo (amazon?) to get rid of the hard water deposits.  It's strong shampoo, so don't use it often. 

    Diffusing is something I do all year round.  I only diffuse for a few minutes, but it really helps to set the gel so it holds my waves and curls while it's drying. 
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    You might want to consider doing a deep conditioning treatment, that is, leaving your conditioner on your hair for, say, 15 or so minutes. I would try doing this every other week. With the really dry weather, this will help keep your hair moisturized. I have extremely fine hair, and I was skeptical at first (I thought it would make my hair flat), but it really helps.

    Some people have luck with using a rinse of apple cider vinegar and water to get rid of the mineral deposits from the hair.

    I used to use a clarifying shampoo from Avalon Organics (Lemon, I think) that I think was supposed to get rid of mineral build-up. It might be worth a try.

    I'm not sure how much salt is in the Salty Waves product, but it might be drying to your hair in the winter. I use sea salt spray a lot in the summer, and it doesn't dry out my very fine hair, but in the winter, it does dry out my hair. Just something to be aware of. :)
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