Why does my hair keep matting and what should my curly hair routine be?

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what hair type do I have? I believe it’s 2c/3a. But my hair keeps getting incredibly tangled. I use the coconut and hibiscus shampoo and conditioner. Then I style using the shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie. I find that it leaves my hair rather dry and frizzy. I also use the not your mothers curl talk gel. Then I plop my hair and go to sleep. First day hair is just fine, as I continue on through the week tangles form. When I refresh my hair, I attempt to finger comb, but I have way to many tangles. It takes 40 minutes to untangle my hair in the shower with conditioner, and I lose a ton of hair. How do I prevent this matting? I have low porosity medium density and thickness hair. I believe I have 2c/3a hair. Any recommend products? Any tips to reduce its frizz as well as the matting along with the mass amount of hair loss? I will appreciate any tips and tricks for my hair, thank you!


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    Welcome!  You have beautiful hair!

    Have you clarified recently?  Most people need to give their hair a deep cleaning once in a while.  You can use any sulfate shampoo, as long as it has no silicones in it.

    After that, the tangles may be because your hair isn't moisturized enough.  If the SM smoothie leaves your hair dry and frizzy, try something different.  And you might want to try a different conditioner too.  GVP Conditioning Balm from Sallys is really thick and rich - that might work well for you.
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    Agree. clarify with a sulfate and try again. I use the SM curl enhancing smoothie, and I can tell you that product alone has no slip. I do know it can be finicky too. I personally like it but others hate it.

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