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I recently got my hair trimmed and styled by a deva certified stylist who specializes in the curly girl method (the salon had a few copies of the book, I didn't even know there was a physical book!) and while my cut was super cute I was left a little uncomfortable and sad with the hard product sales pitch she made during the entire cut. She of course asked what products I use in my hair and I went thru my really basic routine of "deva curl co-wash and style with the kinky curly knot today and kinky curly curl custard, then air dry" which has been my go-to routine for almost 9 months now. She assured me that KC products have -cones in them and that I needed to switch entirely to devacurl products (that are about twice the price). I immediately looked up the ingredients and didn't see any dimethicone or other -cones in the products and after a few quick searches I've seen the KC products on CGM-friendly lists. Am I missing something? Are there hidden -cones in KC? Can anyone on the CGM help me out here? Was she just trying to upsell me on products? I'm really bummed about this because I don't want to switch! (and sadly even tho the cut was cute I think I'll be trying a different stylist I'll feel more at-east with, I really don't like tough-sell approaches) 
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pretty sure I just ruined my hair accidentally with spray foam in April 18  :'(
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    That woman does not know she was talking about.  I think some stylist just assume if it's drugstore it's full of silicons. Based on your signature, all your KC products are  CG approved.

    You can easily tell if an ingredient is silicone because they all end in -cone and -xane.  I usually run the ingredients through just in case I missed one.  That site categorizes ingredients by type (silicone, proteins, humanists, alcohols, ect) and also lets you know if the product is CG friendly.  That being said, the quality of ingredients are  better in DevaCurl line than the Kinky Curl line. 

    Also - I vaguely remember seeing that some of their products (not from the main line or the top sellers) aren't all CGM approved, so it's always good to check DevaCurl products just in case as well.
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    Kinky Curly is CG. She probably confused it with another brand as not all natural hair brands are CG. Don’t switch products if you don’t want to. Always be honest that you like the products you use and if you ever experience issues, you’ll consider it. Leave it at that. Some stylists are just really dedicated/ brainwashed to their brands that they believe nothing else works.
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    I like to use CHI aloe vera shampoo for curly hair and treatment after that
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    I'd try another Deva Curl stylist or just smile and say "no thanks" when she tries to upsell you. I have Deva Curl stylist and while she used Deva Curl products and recommends them, she doesn't push.  She knows I use some other products on my hair and she's fine with that.  It is, after all, MY hair.

    Another possibility, my Deva Curl stylist offers different levels of service and you can go in just for the cut and not have the complete service.

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