I wimped out.

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I can’t believe it, but I didn’t get my hair cut at Devachan after all. What a wimp!!

I had a haircut scheduled at Broome St. for last Friday, but I didn’t go through with it.

I’d never seen anyone with a Devachan cut before and when I walked into the place I realized that I really didn’t like the way it looked. Not so much the haircut, but the results of the products. I loved the lack of frizz, but somehow most of the hair there looked too saturated and stiff – and not natural enough for me. Does anyone else feel that way at all? (I was also a little worried because some of the products have some silicone in them – and that seems to break my hair).

My almost haircutter was Julie – and she seemed really wonderful and I liked her a lot. When I explained my hesitation about the products, she said that we didn’t have to use them at all – that it wasn’t about the products, it was about the haircut. I began to feel better and we talked about proceeding, but then she explained the cut she wanted to do – which involved some layers that were shorter than I had expected. Also, she said that the cut (and products, were I to use them) would encourage my hair to be as curly as it was then – with no products or styling – which was quite a bit curlier and kinkier than usual, while I would actually prefer to slightly loosen my curls rather than tighten them, given the choice.

I went there prepared to try the cut since all you guys on love it so much – and also because a number of people have said that the cut would be pretty much close to the ends – so if I didn’t like it, it would be easy to cut off – but the idea of layers really freaked me out.

I realize that I probably made a mistake. Julie really seemed to know what she was doing – and it probably would have been great – but I know what it feels like to really regret a haircut and I felt that I just couldn’t take that risk right now.

On the other hand, Julie’s probably right about the shorter layers. My hair is long and very thick (and I always thought it was a 3B – but now I’m thinking it’s curlier). It could be that it’s just not going to work without those much shorter layers and I should accept that, but I just don’t feel completely ready. Maybe with some time I can adjust to the idea.

Julie’s attitude was really wonderful. she said that she was sorry I wasn’t ready, but that I should know that they would be there for me whenever I was. It was the perfect response – and made me feel like less of an idiot for leaving.

So, here I am back in New Hampshire, desperately needing a hair cut – with no idea who will do it. Oh well.

Any suggestions?


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    Getting a haircut is a big change! Dont feel bad, at least now the next time you go you will be more familiar with the place and feel more comfortable. Plus, now you have a reason to plan another trip to NYC! :)
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    I think you're smart to listen to yourself. You'll know when you're ready!
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    Don't beat yourself up over it. I totally know how you feel. I've had the number of a salon that my friend highly recommends for weeks now and have gone as far as picking up the phone to dial and then totally chickening out. Yesterday I swore I was going to schedule an appt. once and for all and well here I am today still without an appt. :oops:
    Isn't it sad that some of us curlies have to go through this all over a freakin' haircut!? :(
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    I think you were actually pretty brave to do this. You went with your gut feeling. You can always go back later.
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    thanks for the support. I appreciate it and now feel slightly less like an idiot (and occasionally even feel smart for not putting myself through the possibility of months of discomfort).
    hopefully sometime soon i'll figure out what to do with my hair. i'll report if i end up going back to devachan.