Burts Bees Wings of Love Makeup Artist Kit-UPDATED.

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Anyone ever try this? How'd you like it? Any suggestions?

I always feel like a klutz when applying anything more than lipgloss, so I'm hoping this will help me with application. Also hopefully it will help me develop a better eye for what colors really work for me.


just wanted to say i hated this kit. i played around with it tonight and everything was too greasy, too gaudy, and just too yucky in general. i felt like a clown.

however, i did like the lipsticks--they make your lips tingle! :D

my favorite shades were willingness, strength, honesty, and spontaneity. and i've never been brave to try anything really dark until tonight, and the spontaneity made me look pretty nice! it's a dark purple and my eyes are dark anyway and it kinda helped balance my face i guess....

i do not recommend the tinted moisturizers! yuck! i need a vomit smiley....

but again, the lipsticks were lovely. :mrgreen:

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  • SmithsGirlSmithsGirl Registered Users Posts: 100
    I agree--the lipsticks are great but the other stuff is very waxy and oily. Definitely something to avoid if you have oily or acne-prone skin!

    Willingness was my fave color, too. I like the taste and texture--feels kind of like their lip balm, but with color.
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