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Hi all,

I recently went on a product-buying binge, after I discovered that Batia and Aleeza appear to have changed their formula for their gel. (That gel was my holy grail styling product for many years.) The less said about this unfortunate product-buying binge, the better. So, I have A LOT of products taking up room in the bathroom that just don't work that well for my hair; most of them have been used once or twice, and are in great condition. I posted here about swapping but didn't find a lot of traffic, so I just posted them on Ebay at a discount. In addition to the pre-used one posted below, I also have several bottles of said Batia and Aleeza gel that are brand new and unopened (Yeah, the one time I purchased in bulk was when they decided to change the formula.) I haven't gotten around to posting about the brand new Batia and Aleeza gels but will do that soon, also potentially some Devacurl stuff that I found disappointing. I'd be interested in potentially swapping some stuff of similar value for Arcangel. Not sure if the links in text below are working so I posted them below each item as well. Hopefully that works. (I have a mix of 2b/2c/3a hair, on the thick side (a lot of hairs), but very fine, and very temperamental after having my first child about a year ago. Not sure about porosity. I blame the hormones for the product-buying binge.)

Raw Curls Firm Hold Gel

Raw Curls Styling Foam/Mousse

Raw Curls Samplers

Batia and Aleeza Bio-Herbal Sculpting Gel (Used Thrice, In Great Condition)
(This is the new formulation, slightly thicker than the earlier one, which unfortunately doesn't work for me anymore but may work for someone with curlier or thicker hair than mine.)

Aveda Be Curly Shampoo

Moroccanoil Curl Re-Energizing Spray

BTZ Noodle Head Curl Boost Glaze

Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves

Alterna Bamboo Beach Breeze Dry Balm Air Dry Styler

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