Keeping dry, sensitive scalp moisturized in arid climate?

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Hello there! I was curious about what others with a sensitive and easily-dehydrated, easily-stripped scalp have found that works for them to maintain their scalp health -- whether it's oiling methods for around the wash-day, or day-to-day methods of moisturization for between washes. So far what I've seemed to find is that oiling with jojoba oil seems to reduce scalp pain (I've applied it to a dry scalp after washing and left it there for a couple days until I washed), and washing with cold water and a gentle, creamy co-wash with shea butter doesn't leave my scalp so stripped, painful and irritated as other cleansing methods (particularly shampoo/detergents, which I can't seem to use without a lot of trouble.) I've got that kind of hypersensitive scalp that reacts to dryness and irritation with hair loss and waxy, thick grease and itching. It likes to produce all sorts of strange things when it gets aggravated enough -- including a very sticky, itchy, skin-bothering substance, which has been probably more common than not with shampoos/soaps. I haven't been able to find out what this is, so all I know is that it's somehow related to irritation and hypersensitivity.

Thank you so much! Have a pleasant day, and a healthy scalp!

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