Hair reverting back to curly?

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Hiya, new member here. Hope I'm posting this correctly! I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with this hair query?

I have very thick hair, or least very thick in comparison to most of my family and friends. As a kid, I had a head full of ringlets, but as I've got older, my hair progressively got less and less curly. It's not completely straight, definitely still wavy, but not classifiable as curly I don't think.

However, over the last six months or so, I think my hair is trying to revert back to being curly?

The underside of my hair and a few sections around my face, maybe roughly 1/3 of my hair total, is still predominantly wavy. The other two-thirds is definitely curlier. I used to be entirely 2a, now I think most of my hair is 2b, perhaps even leaning toward 2c in some sections. I know this is technically defined as wavy, but in comparison to my previous hair, it's definitely curlier!

Is this even possible? Was my 'curly hair gene' lying dormant and has now come back to life? What could have caused this?<br><br>I have a very simple hair routine - if you could even call it a routine! I wash my hair twice and condition once with whatever shampoo and conditioner we have - at the moment it's Superdrug Extracts Aloe Vera and Mango shampoo and Nutrafix Jojoba Oil conditioner. After washing, I towel dry a little, then air dry and I never use a hairdryer. I actually don't wash my hair very regularly anyway as I'm chronically ill so it's very tiring for me. I do it maybe once every 7-10 days if I'm having a good period of health. I generally lean over the bath and wash my hair upside down as that's easier for me than standing under the shower.

My hair is kind of wiry, definitely not super soft and silky. It doesn't lay flat on my head or part neatly, but I don't know if that's due to the thickness rather than the texture. I never brush it because if I do, it frizzes a lot and loses all definition.

I loved my curls as a child and have always wished they'd come back, so I'm actually quite excited at the prospect of having curlier hair as an adult!

Can anyone tell me what is happening to my hair, and how I can help it? 
Thank you!


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    I'm sorry to hear about your chronic health difficulties. Washing hair is indeed quite labor intensive, and more so when it's curly!

    Changing hormones can affect how curly our hair is. Medications and health issues can also affect it. Even just washing your hair less or with a gentler shampoo can cause the curls and waves to resurface. (In my case, I always thought that my hair was straight, and when I stopped washing it with harsh sulfates and actually skipped days between washes, waves started to appear. That's how I found out that my hair was wavy and not straight.)

    I would recommend getting Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl Handbook. She lays out the basics on how to take care of curly hair. A lot of us on the forum follow her method, either as she lays it out or in modified fashion. Another good book is Curl Revolution. I would start taking care of your hair as outlined in these books and then post to the forum here if you have any questions.

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