Pre Poo for Fine Hair?

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I have 2B fine hair, however my hair is high porosity. I have heard that Pre Poo is wonderful for high Porosity hair. Would it be too heavy for fine hair like mine?

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    It would probably depend a lot on what you use.  My hair doesn't like oils, so when I tried coconut oil as a pre poo, I had a hard time getting it all out of my hair.  It took a couple shampoos to get it clean again.  I have been considering using a heavy conditioner as a pre poo though.  When I wash my hair, it seems to just glom all together and I have a hard time getting my fingers through it to the scalp.  If I pre-condition my hair it might loosen up.

    Best way to find out is to try it!
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    I am with @Guide 65  -  hair is so unique that nothing about your hair will really tell you if your hair will like something or not.   One person with 2b fine hair porosity curly might love a pre-poo treatment where someone whose hair sounds the exact same hates it (happens more often than you might think)! You just have to try it and find out how your hair reacts!   
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    I agree that you'll just have to try it. I would start with a very small amount--just enough to show a little sheen on the strands. This might be just a few drops. It can be really tough to get out excess oil, even with a sulfate.
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    It really depends on your hair. I have extremely fine hair, but when it was high porosity, i used coconut or castor oil as pre poo together with a hairmask. I would also co-wash with shea moisture (which is heavy for fine hair usually) and it was fine. In summer this didnt work anymore and i started using sulfate free shampoo and different conditioners.
    Now in winter i went back to my heavy routine and it works very well.

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