Anyone have any advice for my 2a(ish) rat's nest?

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These pictures were all taken the same night and kind of show all the weirdness and different curl types going on with my hair. My hair was probably 90% dry from diffusing when I took these pics. By the time it's completely dry for a few hours, the curls typically all straighten out and my hair just looks straight and frizzy.

I've tried what feels like a million different things and nothing has helped my hair not to look crazy like this. I've used several different combinations of LA Looks Sports gel, co-washing with silicone-free conditioner, Frizz-Ease, Cantu curl cream, and NYM's weightless mousse. I've also tried plopping vs. not plopping and air drying vs. diffusing and the frizz is still pretty untamable. If you have any advice, please help!!!


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    First thing to do is to clarify to make sure you don't have any build up in your hair.  The frizz ease is probably full of silicones, plus other ingredients can build up as well.  So wash your hair with a strong sulfate shampoo - just make sure there's no silicones in it.

    Are you using a leave in conditioner?  You don't need to buy another product.  Your regular conditioner can be used as a leave in.  I get the best results when I mix in a lot of water with it.  What I do is apply the conditioner, then use my hand to splash water over my hair, then scrunch so the conditioner and water get distributed well. 

    I also like to use my gel on very wet hair.  I do it right in the shower before I use a towel. 

    Try some of these suggestions and let us know how it goes.  Hopefully you'll get rid of the tangles and your hair will look soft and wavy!
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