compliment on my waves since i started cg!!

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So today i was getting some gas, and when i went into pay the cashier went wild over my hair asking how i get it to curl. When i told her that this is just what my hair does she couldnt believe it, she said she thought i must have used a triple barrel curling iron. Yay im so happy with my hair since i started cg 2 weeks ago. Thanks for reading!
2b modified cg co washes and once a week shampoo.
Current hgs: ag recoil, joiwhip, noodle head and gf curl and shine


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    YAY! Congratulations! :D It's great that you're so happy with your curls and even better to get complimented. Always a good thing! :D - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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