my hair falls from a 3a when wet to a 2b when dry- what?!?

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after i’m finished washing my hair with devacurl nopoo and onecontion, i scrunch devacurl b’leave in gel and TRESemmè firm hold gel into my hair and plop it for 15-20 minutes. then i either diffuse my hair or sleep in a satin bonnet. when my hair is 95% dry, it has gone from a 3a curl to a 2b wave. by the end of the day, my hair has relaxed all the way to a 2a wave. my hair goes to my shoulders and is thin and layered. how can i keep my 3a curls all day?

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    You might need a harder hold gel.  The Deva BLI has very little hold, and I don't know about the Tresemme gel.  Try LA Looks Sports gel if you want a cheap gel, or Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee if you don't mind paying a little more.  Deva Ultra Defining gel gives me pretty good hold if I use enough of it.  Or it might be that you just need to use more gel. 
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    @Guide 65 has some good suggestions. You could also maybe try spraying some sea salt spray into your hair when it is wet. That provides additional texture.
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    +1 a harder hold gel and sea salt.  I really struggle with keeping my curls in Type 3 land as well. A good gel and sea salt are two of my weapons. 

    Another suggestion that really helps me: put products in soaking wet hair than scrunch until not much water drips out.  Then take a t-shirt and keep scrunching until you can''t soak an area. Then diffuse to mostly dry - to 100% (my hair takes forever to get to 90-100 and sometimes I just don't got the time!).  I usually let the cast sit for at least 10 minutes before I SCOTC.

    Product/Line Recommendation: JessieCurl's styling products do AMAZING things to my hair because of the sea salt.  Specifically, Rockin Ringlets Styling Solution.  Even if I use it just on a refresh day, it transforms my 2c's to 3a's.  

    When I was using that with the Spiralicious gel (also has sea salt), I was getting consistent 3a curls.  I have temporarily stopped using it because I need something a bit more moisturizing for the winter.  My hair is a pretty solid 2c/3a with just the Spiralicous gel. 
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    @guitarist13 Keep us posted!  Let us know if you try some different gels. 

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    thank you everyone for the help! i think i’m going to try out the LA Looks Sport gel... I did a little bit of research on some of the products everyone suggested and that one sounds the best for my hair type. I’ll try and include some pictures when i use it!!
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    @tinksaysboo thanks for the sea-salt recommendation, I'm also looking for ways to increase my 2c/3a ability. My hair has been much more 2a/2b lately and I hardly even feel wavy. I'm going to try a refresh with my NYM sea salt spray and see what that does before investing in another product. 

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