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I joined this site in order to help further my natural hair journey. I'm currently stuck at a road block and need assistance. ever since I was nine, after my mom cut my hair, my hair never seemed to grow pass the top of my shoulder. Now I am fourteen and my hair still hasn't moved. It's not that I don't think my hair won't grow, it's just that I can't figure out the solution to my breakage problem and retaining length problem. My mom's hair is straight, so she hasn't been much help, and my family lives across the country so it's hard for me to get insights from them. So if anyone out there can give me some tips and solutions, I would VERY much appreciate that!


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    Welcome!  What's your hair routine now?  What products do you use and how, and how often?  Also tell us about your hair type.  If you don't know, you can take the texture quiz

    The more you tell us, the better we can help.

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    2B/2C, fine hair, low density, mixed porosity, protein loving hair
    Current products:
    Changing up my shampoos because I can't find one I like
    Deva Curl One Condition (original formula)
    Innersense I Create Volume
    Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel
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    2nd @Guide 65 's suggestion.  Take the quiz and let us know your results :) 
    2c/3a | low porosity | fine/medium | mixed density| protein & coconut sensitive | Modified CGM

    Low-Poo: DevaCurl's Low Poo / JessiCurl's Cleansing Cream
    Rinse Out Conditioner: DevalCurl's One Condition
    Leave-In Conditioner: DevalCurl's One Condition
    Deep Conditioner: Curl Junkie's Curl Rehab
    Stylers: Curl Junkie's Spiral Lotion, JessiCurl's Sprialicious Gel

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