GVP Conditioning Balm Stopped Working For Me

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Dont know if it’s time for my hair to try something different else or GVP conditioning balm changed their ingredients. It was like a holy grail product for me for like 2 years. Provided a lot of slip. Now no matter how much I use it’s not nearly as slippy anymore. So I decided to try another condish that I’ve seem a couple of curly’s use, Cantu Hydrating condish. 

So so far so good. Getting a lot of slip and is pretty moisturizing. I also use a little on my ends as a leave in. Then follow up with LA Sports gel. 

I tried using AS I Am leave in condish as a styler and leaving out the gel but the As I Am seemed like it over moisturized my hair. Maybe I used too much. I only use a little Cantu on the ends only. With the AS I Am I followed the directions which said to use it all over. 

Anyone use a condish that was a holy grail and found out it either stopped working or it was time for a change?


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    Yep, Deva One is my HG conditioner, but sometimes it just seems to stop working.  I have discovered (I think) it's a matter of hard water deposits on my hair.  I use Malibu Hard Water shampoo once in a while, and then my conditioner starts working again.

    On the other hand...sometimes that doesn't work.  So I switch to something else for a while, and when I decide I don't like that I go back to Deva.
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