Confused about porosity! Please help!

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So I think I have high porosity?! When I feel my hair strands they are bumpy. While taking a shower my hair absorbs water and products well and sometimes I do feel like I need a decent amount of product for it to work. And my hair is definitely prone to dryness. I know these are all signs of high porosity but I'm confused because it takes my hair a very long time to dry which I know is not typical for high porosity hair. What do you guys think? I hate that it takes so long for my hair to dry. It's so inconvenient, especially with the winter coming and I hate having to diffuse my hair all the time. I'm trying to stay away from heat damage.

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    High porosity can take a long time to dry because the strand is trying to hold onto as much water as possible. You have high porosity hair from your description.


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    There is no telling from your description for sure whether or not you have high porosity hair.  High porosity hair may take a long time to dry, but its NOT because the hair is "trying to hold on" to moisture.  Hair is dead.  It doesn't "try" anything.  Plus, a major part of the very definition of "high porosity" is the fact that your hair CAN'T hold on to moisture.  How long it takes your hair to dry has more to do with how THICK your hair is, eg how many strands per square inch.  More hairs per square inch = longer dry times.

    The float test, btw, is nonsense so don't count on that.  I DEFINITELY have high porosity hair and according to the "float test" I have practically NO porosity hair.  Read on the Science-y Hair blog about porosity, oils, and proteins.

    Better to attack this issue from the standpoint of the actual problem you are experiencing.  What's the issue that makes you worry about the porosity of your hair?
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    Trust me, damaged hair and very porous hair holds onto water. It absorbs water easily and if is damaged will try to hold onto water. Yes, when it does finally dry, it loses moisture fast. But taking a long time to dry is and can be a sign of high porosity hair. While it may not be sentient and try to do something, it does hold water for a long time until it dries. I have fine, medium density hair, and bleached hair and experience this. It's a common thing. Just a thought, but the whole porosity thing has conflicting information, and I find the best indicator to be how long does it take your hair to get wet. The OP most likely has high porosity hair due to the bumps, absorbing water and products well, dryness, and a long drying time. She also mentions she is trying to stay away from heat damage which may indicate that she has previous heat damage (but very well may not).
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    When you say your hair takes a long time to dry, is that with products left in? A far better sign is if it dries quickly without any product. I have very porous hair, and the dry time is altered by whether or not it has product. "Naked," (all products washed out) it will dry in under an hour. With products, 3 hours minimum, depending on how heavy handed I was.
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    Yes, it takes a long time even without products (for me now, about 2-3 hours without products, 5 with). I think this type is more affected by damage than by genetics (opinion/thought not fact). Bleached and damaged hair has broken bonds which might affect how much moisture you hair retains. In severe cases of damage (which I regret to admit that years upon years ago, this was me), hair could take 8 plus hours to dry then once dry, be snapping and just generally unpleasantly dry. This could be due to the fact that it is overly porous and the hair cuticle has just frankly been blown open; it's not good to get it to this state. Not that OP has this hair; this is just from my own tragic experience, current experience, and knowledge of hair coloring/bleaching.

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