Confused about porosity! Please help!

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So I think I have high porosity?! When I feel my hair strands they are bumpy. While taking a shower my hair absorbs water and products well and sometimes I do feel like I need a decent amount of product for it to work. And my hair is definitely prone to dryness. I know these are all signs of high porosity but I'm confused because it takes my hair a very long time to dry which I know is not typical for high porosity hair. What do you guys think? I hate that it takes so long for my hair to dry. It's so inconvenient, especially with the winter coming and I hate having to diffuse my hair all the time. I'm trying to stay away from heat damage.

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  • BrittanyMBrittanyM Posts: 992 Curl Virtuoso
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    High porosity can take a long time to dry because the strand is trying to hold onto as much water as possible. You have high porosity hair from your description.

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