What's a good alternative to hair spray?

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I'm new to the curly girl method, and still learning what works best for my hair.  I used to set my curls with hair spray, and really miss the hold and protection from frizz it provided.  I also liked being able to use a mist on my hair, rather than having to smooth product with my hands since this usually disturbs my curls resulting in stretching and more frizz.  My hair has become extremely soft since going CG (I used to always think my hair was coarse but now I'm realizing it was just really dry!) so I don't want to go back to using an alcohol-based spray, but I am struggling to find a substitute product.  I've used hard hold gels with mixed results, but I'd really like to find a product that I can set my style with once my hair has already been air dried.  For reference, I believe I have fine to medium, low porosity, low density, 2b-c waves, with the occasional 3a spiral.  Any suggestions would be appreciated:)

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    Welcome!  I've never found a good alternative to hair spray, so I just use one that's silicone free.  I don't care too much about the alcohol in them, because it evaporates so quickly.  Marc Anthony Moroccan oil hair spray is what I use, but there are others.  Pantene Air Spray has several versions, and at least a couple are silicone AND alcohol free.  There are others out that, you just need to read the ingredients to make sure there's no silicones.
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    Thank you so much!  Finding the right products can feel overwhelming so 
    I appreciate your help :)  
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    DevaCurl has a hair spray that you might be interested in looking into. However, I have never used it so I can't say if it's good or how it compares to other hairsprays.
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    Thanks, Brittney!  I just looked this up, and may have stumbled on it before and forgotten. Sadly, I can't stomach the smell of lavender, which is in a lot of highly rated deva products :'(
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    Hey if you're still looking I know of Innersense that sells a light hold spray its called I Create Finish and people say it still leaves their hair soft.
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    I recently discovered Pantene Air Spray and love it!  Doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or dried it, and my volume lasts all day.. bonus, the fruity scent is very mild and doesn't linger
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