Forehead bumps!

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Recently I decided it was time to take better care of my skin, so I started a new routine. In the past few days I've started developing these weird bumps on my forehead! They are definitely not zits, and they burn a what the heck?

I've been washing with Origin's Checks & Balances (or sometimes Aveda's All-Sensitive Cleanser). I used to tone w/ Aveda's Toning Mist, but just ran out and replaced it with Burt's Bees wild lettuce toner, since I had some lying around. In the morning I use Neutrogena's Healthy Defense spf 30 moisturizer. I recently added in Reviva's Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester & DMAE Cream.

I'm guessing it's the Reviva that's causing the bumps? Should I discontinue use? If so, can I just discontinue use on my forehead, and use it on the rest of my face? I really like it, and already see an improvement in my skin, other than the bumps. I'd like to get rid of the bumps, though.

Also, I'd love a recommendation for something deeply moisturizing. My skin could use it!

(for reference, I am fair skinned w/ some freckles, slightly sensitive, showing the first signs of age (2 wrinkles & an age spot), am on the dry side of normal, and rarely ever get zits but have a few blackheads.)
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    i would discontinue the product and see if it goes away - then you can definitely pinpoint it as the cause.

    as for deeply moisturizing... i swear by my Olay Regenerist Perfecting Cream.
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