New to CG- At what point are you happy with your hair?

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I've been doing CG for about a week now. I'm curious to see if my hair 'transforms' from this odd wave/curl/straight mess I've got going now to something more uniform the longer I stay away from heavy products and heat styling. Ultimately, I'm not really sure what I'm doing or where I want this to go. I'm not sure I like me hair where it's at, or keep pressing. I want to love my natural hair, but it feels so foreign.

How do you make that decision? At what point do you decide you like how your hair looks and you're set with your products? What are the things you look for in good hair vs bad hair days?

If you have any "hair goals" photos -- or nightmare pics? I'd love to see them. Bonus points if you have ones that relate specifically to my hair type lol.  I wrestle with simple things like what frizz really is and how much is too much, is it just a few strands out of place or Princess Diaries pre-makeover? Or is what I'm looking for more volume, or an entirely different pattern and that what I want is unattainable. 
Anyway, that's my rant, one of these days I'll figure out what a good hair day looks like for my hair type lol

My details: 
My hair is thin, about mid-chest length at its longest point, prone to getting weighed down and my wave/curls usually dont start peaking through until a few inches from my part which gives me no volume at the top :(  I also have a pretty intense cowlick in the back of my hair which parts my crown, which you can kind of see in the photo, I try to keep it covered as much as possible.

My process thus far has been mostly devacurl products. (I'm not particularly brand loyal, but they come in single section and know how to market to lazy people like myself who just pick the thing with big words they like.  I did the clarifying shampoo, I use the low-poo and light conditioner. I just used the anti-frizz foam today for the first time and I bounce between wave maker and b-leave in and finish with their ultra gel.  I layer the products in, in that order and put my hair in four sections to get it in well. I don't really know what each of the products are doing, if I'm using to much or little, but I dont want to wash my hair over and over to compare.  I use the crunch and pray-hands method and im really trying to figure out how to enjoy diffusing upside down for so long on low.


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    I always used to think that my hair was straight, so I can identify with your saying that your hair feels foreign. I'm lucky that when I was figuring out how to work with my hair, I was working from home and didn't have to always look presentable.

    It can take quite a while to get a handle on your hair. I would say at least three months, maybe more like six? And if you live in an area that has extremes in climate, you will have to reassess your hair when the seasons change, because your curls will behave differently. Fun, I know!

    It honestly took me about three years to feel like I had a handle on my hair, because my hair kept changing, and the climate kept changing (I live in a four-season climate), and I was changing hairstyles too. But I finally know now what it needs. :)

    At this stage, I would just keep doing what you're doing and experimenting. With regard to frizz, you will find that frizz = volume. I like a bit of frizz in my hair, because my hair is very fine, and I want volume. This means the curls will be slightly less defined. On the rare occasion that I want really defined curls, I can do that (with different products), but I will have hardly any volume. So you will have to play with the tradeoff there and see what you want for your style.

    I would play around with your products a bit. Try layering in different orders, or try omitting some, etc. Just change one thing each wash day and see what happens. Over time, you will see patterns. But it does take time.

    One thing that is helpful to watch for is how your hair reacts to protein. Deva products are quite full of protein, so if your hair likes them, then you might want to add other protein-rich products to your arsenal. If you find that over time your hair gets dried out, you might need to cut back on the protein (too much protein can have a drying effect).

    If you are having issues with your hair drying flat on top, you could try clipping. I think that if you type "clipping" into the search engine on CurlTalk, it will come up with some videos.

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    I've only been following the CG method for about two months now, and I imagine it'll take me at least a few more months till I've figured out which products I should use together, how much to apply, and how often I should deep condition and clarify etc.  I used to be confused as to why people would show photos of their hair transitioning to the CG method over the course of months-years, but now I get it.  It DOES take time to experiment and find what works for you.  Even when you research like crazy (as I think I have) you still don't know until you try it.  Everyone's different.  One tip I can offer that I picked up from Alison AKA curly girl + real life is to track your evolving hair routine in the Evernote app.  I've only been using it for a month but already I'm noticing patterns and it's nice to be able to compare photos of my hair to see what products and methods yield the best results.
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    I've been CG since March.  I would say I became happy with how my hair looked on wash day in about July/August (still wasn't happy with how it felt & refresh days were hard).  It wasn't until October/November that I have loved how my hair looks and feels, even on refresh days. 

    I second Therese 1's suggestion on only making one change at a time.  And if your change is a product, be very aware of new ingredients you are introducing to your hair and what you are taking away.   
    I have learned to embrace my frizz & accept my curls for who they are, which I think played a part in the change of my satisfaction.  I think many of us start CG with an expectation of having a head full of luscious frizz free curls.  We  have curl crushes and they become our goal.    Frizz is a natural part of natural curly hair care - we can reduce it naturally, but I eliminating it completely is rare (and genetics probably play a role).  And for us with Type 2s, we have to accept our hair can only be so curly.  

    My hair goal is to keep frizz at a minimum  while still being happy with my hair overall and my routine. It's kind of like being on a diet but not wanting to give up chocolate.  You can still lose weight and eat chocolate, you just have to make adjustments to your  weight loss plan

    That being said, I have departed from CG a bit. 

    1. I wash with a low poo every two days (I just started experimenting with a low-poo/co-wash schedule).  I have fine/medium low porosity hair which gets build up pretty easily.  To say strictly CG I would have to switch up my product line-up.  I've experimented with a lot of products and like what my current products do to my curls compared to others.  The "cost" of using gentle sulfates often is worth it for me.

    2. I diffuse with medium heat on low speed.  My hair takes FOREVER to air dry.  In the summer a good 4-5 hours.  Since it's gotten colder more like 6-7.  I also need a good hard gel cast for soft bouncy curls (my  hair looks super stringy and wet when in it's cast.  not pretty).  Since I get around via public transportation, I prefer my hair is finished when I leave my apartment.    I also noticed that the diffuser helps "plump" up my curls and encourage my type 2s to be type 3s. 
    tldr; my hair looks better using a diffuser and makes grooming less stressful.  For me personally, it's worth whatever damage it is causing. 

    Good Hair Day: I have more curls than waves and they are bouncy and touchably soft.  The frizz is mainly in the halo, and it's soft.  I tend to have more tight ringlets sprinkled in

    Bad Hair Day:  The frizz is coarse feeling and throughout my whole hair, not just the halo.  My hair is clearly more wavy than curly.  Hair looks more greasy.  

    I am only "married" to one of my products, JessiCurl's Spiraclious Gel.   It does what I expect a good gel to do.  It also helps encourage my waves into ringlets. 

    Everything else, I am open to change because I am always looking for more moisture that doesn't leave my hair greasy or weigh down my curls.    I stick with CG approved products, along with avoiding products that contain protein, coconut oil, & shea butter.  I also now know to avoid products heavy in oils.

    @Therese1 - I have also been working from home through my whole CG journey which is such an amazing advantage.   But, my company is changing how we work with one of our big clients so I am going to have to go into the office more, and I am kind of freaking out because my hair routine is dependent on me having all the time in the world.  I knew this was coming though which is why I was quick to pull out the diffuser once it started getting colder.
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