I cant figure out my porosity?

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Hi! So i’ve been doing the CG method for about a month - 6 weeks, and i can’t figure out my porosity. According to the NC test i have high porosity, but when I did the float test my hair stayed at the top. When i felt my fingers along my hair i felt bumps. And my hair dries fairly quickly. Any help would be appreciated..

thank you!!


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    I don't think the float test is entirely accurate because so many things can alter the results. Based on what you described, it sounds like you probably have normal - high porosity hair since it dries quickly and you can feel the raised cuticle of your hair (the bumpiness). You can also tell by how long it takes your hair to be saturated with water in the shower - does it take under a minute or does it take longer? 
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    I agree with @cnic216, those test are not very accurate.  Also, many of us have mixed porosity, but we  want to treat our hair based on the majority.  You never know if you grab a strand in your porosity minority! 

    Along with how long does it take your hair to get saturated, how long does it take your hair to air dry?   These are better indicators. 
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    Porosity is so weird to determine. Even the air dry test is unreliable as if your hair dries slowly you could have overly porous hair or damaged hair. I'm think you are high porosity since you said you feel the bumpiness and your hair drying fairly quickly could mean high but not damaged porosity.
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    It can take a long time to determine your porosity. One of the things that helped me was to deterimine how much product I could put on my hair and have it absorb and not make the hair greasy. When I first started taking care of my hair, I could throw lots of heavy products at it, and they would absorb, despite the fact that my hair was very fine. But my hair eventually became lower porosity and protein sensitive, and at that point I had to be very careful not to use too much product, because it would sit on top of my hair and make it greasy.
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    I've struggled to determine my porosity too, as it seems to become saturated in the shower after about 30 seconds, which would lead me to believe I have normal porosity, though the float test indicates I'm low porosity.  My stands sat on top of the water overnight and never sank!  I have read that many factors can interfere with this test, most notably how clean your stands are.  Any build up can alter the accuracy of your results, so I think you would want to test freshly clarified and dried hair, free from any products.

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