What hair type am I?

LynInventiveLynInventive Posts: 2Registered Users Curl Neophyte
Hello, I'm multiracial and I have many textures and curl patterns from what I can see all around my head. But from the looks of it, what hair type would you say I am overall or mostly from this side? 1st pic(wet) 2nd pic (100% dry)

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  • cnic216cnic216 Posts: 157 Curl Connoisseur
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    I'm multi-racial as well so I know exactly how you feel with the multiple curl patterns! Overall, you look to be in the 3b/c range to me. Beautiful! 
  • BrittanyMBrittanyM Posts: 1,217 Curl Virtuoso
    Accepted Answer
    I agree with 3b. Absolutely beautiful pattern!


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