Hair growing in frizzy and with a different texture?

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I have one section of hair in the back-top portion of my head, (but only on top) that is super dry, frizzy, tangled, and does not follow my natural curl pattern. I've had this issue for about 6 months and I've tried everything! From ACV rinses and sulfate shampoos to try to reduce build-up, or putting in more deep conditioner or leave in just in that section. I've also tried finger coiling, and the bottom of the piece will curl up, but the root is always a different, frizzier texture. I always have difficulty with detangling this one section. This section also always dries immediately after I get out of the shower. I even straightened my hair once (Which I know isn't helping, but I only straighten my hair 2 times in a year) And that piece still stuck out and appeared frizzier than the rest of my hair?
I've been thinking maybe the piece is damaged, but this problem started happening after I went natural. In fact I was a year into my natural journey when this began happening. 

I'm at a loss for things to do, so it would really help if anyone has been through a similar experience, or if you have advice on how I can fix it! Thank you! :)


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    Hi, Mikayla, and welcome to CurlTalk.  That sounds so frustrating! It sounds like it's coming out of your head differently, so maybe there's some underlying issues with the hair follicles in that area? I wonder if a dermatologist would be of help?

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    You are beautiful!
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    That spot is drier than the rest of my hair too but I'm not experiencing the level of frustration that you are. It is obvious that section is high porosity so needs more moisture. I've read that the section is drier there because of hot showers causing heat damage (I was very offended upon reading that and am adamant that's not the reason); it could also be because of environmental damage such as sun, weather, pollution, etc. Adding more conditioner is the only solution I have. You could always add a deep conditioner to that section as a leave in or perhaps adding more gel there to help keep in frizz free and seal in moisture.
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    I have that same problem!  I do what @BrittanyM suggest when it's really bad, add a little extra deep condition on that section and extra gel.

    I saw my stylist Friday and she noticed it (I didn't even bring it up during this session).  She did the Rake & Shake Method just on that section and that helped it dry nicely!  
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