Rescipes fot some good diy protein treatments?

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I dyed my hair blonde yesterday and although I'm planning to cut off the ends , I'm just wondering if there are any good diy deep conditioner or protein treatment. And would it be okay to do because my hair is protein sensitive ? 


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    My hair loves protein!  Here's a recipe for a gelatin treatment  There's lots of great information there on proteins and many other hair stuff on there.

    Or you can do a rice water rinse.   You can substitute quinoa too.

    You can pick up a bottle of Neutral Protein Filler from Sallys.  This is a liquid that can be added to your conditioner to amp up the protein.

    Last thing is to get a protein deep treatment.  Deva Deep Sea Repair is one that I use.  I've heard great things about Curl Junkie Repair Me too.  These are good because they also give you plenty of moisture and hydration.  With the other ones, you may need a DT as a separate step.
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    I don’t know if your newly blonde will like protein or not since your virgin hair is protein sensitive. If you find out, please let us know as I am interested in what your experience will be.
    as for diy protein, the gelatin one is great. Apple Cider Vinegar is sometimes an additive to that recipe too.
    a good DIY deep conditioner is:
    4 parts protein free conditioner that you like (I use Generic Value Product Conditioning Balm)
    1 part honey
    1 part aloe
    After using this my hair is soft and retains moisture well.
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    My hair likes protein, but I was having trouble finding a protein treatment that was simple, easy, and effective. I would find one that was moisturizing, but wasn't strong enough or one that was entirely too strong. The easiest thing I've found is to buy pure hydrolized protein (you can find it on Amazon and any kind will do) and add that to your favorite deep conditioner. Just be sure that the deep conditioner you use doesn't already have protein in it or you might give yourself a protein overload. You can also probably do this with a DIY deep conditioner.  The bottle will have directions on the ratio you need to use depending on your hair type and how much protein you need. I just did this a few weeks ago and turned out great. My curls were super defined and bouncy!

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    My favorite DIY protein treatment right now is this mayo one, it's also good for those like myself with protein sensitive hair. If you want to eliminate dry and breaking hair then you might want to look into it, it's only 3 ingredients! Here's the link to the recipe:

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