Curls lose definition and get frizzy at the end of the day

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Hello! I have been using the CG method for about a month. I am really loving how much more I love my hair! I can already see some improvment. The issue I am facing is by the end of the day my hair just looks frizzy and lots of curls have gone straight. I love my hair in the morning and wish it would look half as good in the evening. Any tips? 


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    Welcome!  I fight with this problem so much!  All the time!  First, make sure you're using enough gel.  You really need to use a lot to make your curls last.  You might also want to look into a protein treatment.  Protein adds strength to the hair, makes it stiffer.  So if your hair is already kind of stiff, you might not need it.  But if your hair is fine and feels limp, it'll help a lot. 
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    Second gel. It keeps my curls in tact for days.
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    I have the same issue!  I second @Guide 65 suggestion of making sure you are using enough gel.  Also depending on where you live, you might want a gel with humectants or avoid humectants all together!  Here is a really good Naturally Curly article that explains humectants and how it can help/cause frizz.

    What has also helped me reduce my "end of day frizz" is adding moisture to my routine.  So if you are not using a leave-in conditioner, maybe try one.
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