how often to get deva trim when trying to grow hair out

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How often should you get a trim/shaping when you're trying to grow hair out (layers out to be longer)?  I've been going every 8-9 weeks and I think that might be too soon.  I got a chop job just over a year ago and my hair is still trying to recover from it.  He literally cut the top layers about 1/4" long!!  And then cut holes in the sides of my hair.  He was not a curly hair cutter and he destroyed my hair.  I have a deva stylist now and she just skims the ends and reshapes.  But the last time I went in, she said, "hmmm.. there isn't anything I really need to do."  she did a bit of shaping on the sides to even it up a bit and didn't even charge me because she didn't do much.  Very nice girl! And honest. My hair still looks so thin because there are a lot of layers and they are short.  I need them to grow out. 


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    I also think 8-9 weeks is a little too soon. It seems to be a recurring theme among curlies that when you're asking the question "When do I need to do X?" the answer will be "When your hair needs it." Since everyone's hair has a different texture, is a different length, and each person has  a different hair goal, when you need a trim will be wildly different from the next curly girl. When you feel that you have a lot of split ends and/or when you feel like your hair needs some re-shaping, then it's time to head to the salon. Personally, I wouldn't be going more than every 2-3 months, based on my hair type and how fast my hair grows. If you feel that 8-9 weeks is too soon, I'd see if you can push that out to 12-16 weeks (3-4 months). 
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    I chopped off my hair when I went CGM and currently growing it back out.  I am getting a Deva cut every 3 months.  It's what my curly hair stylist recommended and it seems to be the right amount based on my current results :) good luck!
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