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Hi! I recently started finger coiling and I love the results. Yet I wanted it know if it will change or effect my curl type in any way? I’m a 3c.

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    It shouldn't change your curl pattern at all.  It just encourages the hair to curl - but as long as you're not pinning it up, it's still your own curl.  I tried finger coiling my hair, but if I go the wrong way the curl just straightens out instead of curling, and every strand of hair wants to go a different way! 
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    Some people claim it changes the curl pattern but with what little science I have, it seems it's only breaking the hydrogen bonds (heat styling and heatless styles break and rearrange these. They are easily broken and reset with water. Heat can break disulfide bonds also which cause lasting damage.) Basically, in my opinion, you are fine and encouraging your hair to curl.

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