Self Concious About Wearing Afros

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I'm white and have 4a hair that will shrink into afro. I like afros but I feel kind of self concious to wear my hair in an afro. My comunity isn't very diverse and there aren't any people here with hair like this. How can I become more comfortable and confidant wearing my hair in an afro?

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    I'm jealous of your 4a hair. I love afros on men and women, young and old, black or white. I've always loved that style/texture. It seems to be very much in style where I live (not a very diverse town at all). Some are huge but most are shorter, many with the top longer than the sides (I'm sure there's a name for that cut but I don't know what it is). 
    I don't have any tips to help you other than maybe you can start by wearing your hair in an afro while also wearing an outfit, jewelry, shoes, etc that make you feel very comfortable and confident. 

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    Wow, that Jeopardy's guy's hair is awesome.  

    @CrazyCurls13, you just have to own it!  I like @jeepcurlygurl's idea of a new outfit that you love to help give you confidence.  How do you wear your hair most days? 

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    You are beautiful!


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    Afros are a pretty retro hairstyle.  If you want to wear an afro, you're just going to have to be confident enough to not care what anyone else thinks.  I think you'll get a lot of comments, some of them not good.  And a lot of people wanting to touch your hair.  So you're going to have to just shrug off the bad comments and not care.

    I saw a young guy on Jeopardy a couple weeks ago with a huge afro.  I think he was white too.  He must have had a lot of self-confidence to wear his hair like that.  You can see him here

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    That guy is cute.
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    Thank you jeepcurlygirl! I like your idea. I usually wear my hair in braided hairstyles or straightened. 

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