Leave in Shampoo?

MissMilaMissMila Posts: 46Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Connoisseur
Something weird happened to me over the last few weeks.

I usually co-wash with maui moisture every 3 days and clarify once every 3-4 weeks with a low poo. On lazy stay at home days i just leave some of the maui conditioner in and leave it at that and dont use a special leave-in or gel.
Lately since the weather is getting colder and dryer i have noticed that my favourite leave-in conditioners no longer work on my hair! 
I did notice though that my hair looked best on lazy days with just the maui conditioner. Ive been wondering for a while why its always so foamy, but never thought about it more until about a week ago. It just didnt seem right! When i looked at the bottle more closely it turned out that i actually bought the shampoo instead of the conditioner -.-
so over a 2 week period i basically used a shampoo as leave-in conditioner without noticing and it gave me great hair! 
I tried to use conditioner again, but it just doesnt give me the same result. My curls clump better, feel softer and look more shiny with the shampoo!

Will this be bad for my hair/scalp in the long run? So far i havent gotten any 'side effects'.

Any ideas what my hair could be getting from the shampoo that my conditioner doesnt give?


  • BrittanyMBrittanyM Posts: 1,218Registered Users Curl Virtuoso
    Huh. Interesting. It may be an ingredient your hair likes or it just likes not having so much product in it.
  • MissMilaMissMila Posts: 46Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Connoisseur
    I didnt even connect it to the amount of product.. that really makes sense though. 
    Technically ive been clarifying every 3 days lately instead of every few weeks.. maybe thats why its better. 
    Its still not as good as with my summer routine though! I wish it wasnt so complicated! Everytime i think ive figured it out my hair decides to change :(

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