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Hi it’s been a while. Want to start doing pre poo and looking for advice on what to use and how to do it. I’ve read that normally it’s done about 30 minutes before you start your shower routine. Want to start slow. Thanks!


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    Hi! Prepoos are great for nullifying the stripping effects of your shampoo. They’re great for curlies like me who like to often use a sulfate shampoo. I find coconut and olive oils to be the best prepoo treatments. I even detangle my curls with these oils prior to shampoo. I don’t even feel the need to condition after. I don’t mix these oils but use them individually. No particular reason I do this, I just like to use each by itself. Plus, it’s much easier to slather on just one oil rather than spend time making concoctions. Mixing coconut, olive and castor oils in the descending order and applying it on as a prepoo treatment works really well too. 
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    I don't like using oils in my hair.  They're too hard to get out and they weigh down my hair.  But here's some good reading on the subject

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