What did you do to your hair today? Week of October 22

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This week I'm experimenting with using some hairspray before diffusing.  I watched a video about it.  She said if you spray while your hair is wet, the alcohol in the spray will help dry the water quicker, and it helps with hold.  I tried it yesterday - I think it has some possibilities!  My curls lasted through the day and even through this morning. 

What's going on with your hair?
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    Normal wash and go for me. I'm still recovering from my horrible aloe experience last weekend. After 2 wash days and 2 deep conditioning sessions, it's still a little on the frizzy side, but it feels nice and soft. I'm thinking I'm going to try a bentonite clay mask next wash day and see if that will bring things back to normal for me. Anybody have an experience with the clay mask? It'll be my first time trying one. 
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    I did a DIY gelatin treatment followed by a conditioner, honey, and aloe mix for deep conditioning. Used my SM JBCO leave in followed by my first use of SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie.
    I like the smoothie despite I used too little since I was afraid it would make my hair greasy. It provides a light hold and does enhance the curl. I think I like it. Its a good refresher too.
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    Sunday night I did a overnight pre-poo with my Jessicurl oil blend, and the frizz I was dealing with has drastically improved, though that could also just be the weather change, lol. Other than that, same old same old here. The thread about winter hats has me wondering how my hair is gonna behave, I've never really worn it curly in the winter.

    The alcohol in the hair spray helping it dry faster makes sense. When I was in high school chemistry, we would always do an isopropyl alcohol rinse after washing the beakers and such, to completely remove any water, etc. Because it would dry quicker, more fully, and take the water with it, is how I remember it. I still do an alcohol rinse to my fish tank "python" (water changing system, hooks up to the sink to suck out or refill the tank) to prevent mold from growing in the 75ft long tube.
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    Today I went old school and only used my 2 all time favorite hair products, Suave coconut conditioner and LA Looks Sport Gel. This always promotes lots of curls, if not good clumping.
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    I ran out of my DevaCurl Heaven in Hair so I used leftover NYMN Green Butter Masque I had.  Honestly, it did an amazing job and now I am questioning if Heaven in Hair is worth the x2.5 cost.  
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    Today I did a sulfate free shampoo, followed by conditioning and detangling with the matrix ultra hydrasource masque. I then applied and raked in a silicone-free curl cream and the cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream and scrunched. All done!

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