How to fix uneven hair texture?

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Hey there, I've been following the curly hair method for a few weeks now and I kinda have a problem. The hair that frames my face (let's say, like a 1/4 of my head at the front) is 2c. Those waves have really been benefitting from the method and my products so far. But the rest of my hair is swavy and very limp with not much definition, especially at the top. The thing is that my hair is virgin, the only damage that happened is blowdrying after every hair wash/brushing everything out/occasional flat-ironing (I had no idea my hair had any pattern to it lol)
So my question is, is there anything I can do to even out the texture? I tried Olaplex out of curiosity but I've only used it twice so far so I don't expect any major change. But I haven't tried any protein treatments, are there any products that you could recommend? I'm not the DIY type of person. OR is this maybe just how my hair is?


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  You might benefit from protein.  You never know until you try it!  You can get a deep conditioning treatment that also has protein.  Deva Deep Sea Repair, Curl Junkie Repair Me are a couple good ones. 
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