Curl Type? 4B/4C?

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Hello everyone! I’m new to the nautral community and recently did the big chop after transitioning. What do you all believe does my curl pattern is? I’m confused because different partss of my hair are different textures. I want to know the right products to use to have it be as moisterized and healthy as possibly. Thanks in advance :) 


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    Welcome!  Cut hair!  I would say it's 4b.  I think the fluffy bits at the top are just dry and undefined.  I'll bet they'll be more like the rest if you just work on hydrating and conditioning that part a little more.

    But your curl pattern shouldn't determine your hair care.  It's more about porosity, density and thickness of the strands that tells you how to treat your hair.  If you don't know those attributes, you can take the texture quiz here

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