Clarifying freshly colored hair?

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I recently noticed some build up in my hair and discovered that one of the products I've been using (NYM dry shampoo) has a non water soluble silicone in the ingredients. Had I made this discovery last week, I would have just clarified with a gentle sulfate shampoo and used a deep conditioner. However I just colored my hair on Monday and my hair tends to lose color pretty quickly. Should I use a sulfate on my freshly colored hair or just ride out the build up? I would also appreciate a recommendation for a good gentle sulfate clarifier for future situations. Thanks!
Current 2B/2C Routine:
Cleanse -  NYM Curl Talk Shampoo or NYM Clean Freak Cleansing Conditioner
Condition - Elucence Moisure Balance Conditioner
Treatments - Olaplex (step 3) or Elucence Moisture Repair Treatment
Style -  Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave In + AG Re:Coil

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    I would wait about a week after coloring. I believe color takes about 3 days to sort of firmly attach in the strand hence why you aren’t supposed to use glycerin or glycerin laden products shortly after coloring. If you want to do something in the meantime, shampooing with sulfate free shampoo let it sit for a minute or so, rinse and reapply again. This helps remove some build up (did I just give old school shampoo bottle directions? Rinse, lather, repeat? Haha).

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