My hair curls less when it's healthy??

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Hi, there! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've tried googling this, but I'm not finding the answer I'm looking for, and I haven't found anything on this forum about it, despite checking in every few months or so.

I'm not full CG and never have been, but I'd say I'm about 80% there on any given day and have been for about two years now. I haven't dyed my hair since August 2016, and in that time, I think I've used heat tools on my hair maybe 10-15 times. I blow dry even less frequently than that.

So my hair is the healthiest it's been in a decade right now. And my curls just don't happen. In the past, different parts of my head go from a 2B to a 3A (and that's without any product. It gets even curlier with the right stuff), but in the last few months, my hair's been about a 2A or a 2B all over, unless I really, really put a ton of effort and product into it. Even then, the best I seem to achieve is 2C.

I know hair grows in cycles, so maybe I'm in a less curly cycle right now? But I've never gone through this kind of cycle before, and the only thing different from two years ago is the fact that my hair isn't damaged.

Anybody else experience this?

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    Honestly, the curl pattern in all photos look to be in the general area of the same just different factors like products, moisture, weather. Would you describe your hair as limp? If so, it could be moisture overload. When was the last time you clarified with a sulfate? I doubt you have build up but it could potentially be the cause.

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    I think it may be possible that your hair is getting too much protein. Damaged hair can tolerate protein till the cows come home, but undamaged hair often has less of a tolerance. When I use too much protein on my hair, I don't get as much curl either.

    I would recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment with a protein-free conditioner (beware of hidden proteins like grain extracts). I would start on a protein-free regimen and see if your hair improves. It might take a couple of weeks. Then you can start adding protein back in a little at a time to see how much your hair needs and when. 

    I use protein in one product every two weeks. 
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  • socurlssocurls Posts: 204Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Connoisseur
    I love your hair and little blue locks, it's super cute !  <3

    I think they are maybe just dry, do you use a conditioner?
    and care to feed them a little bit?

    After a chemical process, you have to feed them often!

    I had healthy hair before, no coloring but a little straightener from time to time .. After 6 months of care on my hair and applying the CG here the result ! 

    They really needed to be fed!

    And it takes time you will have to be patient!
    I just created an Instagram account on the evolution of my curly hair journey ! 
    It will be a pleasure to find you there  :)

  • _rachel_rachel Posts: 4Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    Thanks for the response! And your hair is gorgeous :) 

    My hair is definitely moisturized enough, that was just the only recent picture that really displays the curl. It isn't usually that dry looking. Right now it's salon-smooth, but I've had it in a bun all day, so any curls I have are disrupted.

    I do use conditioner. I was using Maui Moisture but recently switched to Hask (they honey coconut curl line), but I don't love it so I will probably go back to MM. Deep conditioners and leave-ins both tend to weigh down my hair, so I just use my regular conditioner and don't rinse it all the way out. 

    I've been trying to use more protein, but I can't tell if it's doing anything. I did a rice water treatment last night and I can't see any difference. Next time I'm at the store, I'll pick up some gelatin, but I just have a gut feeling that isn't what my hair needs. We'll see, though.
  • _rachel_rachel Posts: 4Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    I clarify about once a week. I've been using one of the OGX shampoos, can't remember which, but they all have olefin sulfonate, as far as I can recall. I wouldn't consider my hair limp, just soft.

    Maybe I'll lay off the conditioner for a bit and see what happens. I haven't been deep conditioning at all, so it seems weird to me that just regular in-shower conditioner could be over-moisturizing my hair. But you may be right that my hair just needs to be less moisturized. That could be why I equate damage with better curls, since damage often comes with dryness.

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