My 2 year olds hair is thinning all over!

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Hello wise curly ladies!  (and possibly men?),

I really need your advice.  I am a white woman with poker straight hair, but my daughter is half black and I believe she has 3c/4a high porosity hair so its all very new to me.  I have done my best to learn about it and seemed to have been doing a good job up until now (her hair was doing fab).  All of a sudden as if instantly it has thinned all over and back from all the edges too.  I am really upset about it and feel like I have failed her and her beautiful hair.

Can I please tell you what I did and what changes I have made and maybe someone can help me fix it - I am so thirsty for your advice.

Spray with water and cantu kids conditioning detangler
Pull sweet almond oil through with fingers 
Pull through Cantu coconut curling cream with fingers
Sometimes leave out and sometimes put up, but never very tight.
At night time I do the same thing, but instead of the curling cream I pull through a shea butter and castor oil whip I made and then do quick twists for bed time.

Once a week:
Shampoo with shea moisture kid shampoo and conditioner followed with routine from above.

What I have changed recently:
One month ago, I noticed the back was dry and a bit shorter so I bought Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil strengthen and restore deep conditioner and leave in conditioner and have been using this on wash days. 

The thinning is drastic. Could it be protein overload? could it be that I should have stuck to baby products?  Any suggestions on how I ca save it?

Is there a way I can add pics?

Thanks everyone x


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    Welcome!  Hair changes so slowly, I would think whatever happened to make her hair fall out would have started at least 6 weeks ago, so I doubt it's the change in products that caused it.  First I would ask her doctor about it.  Best to rule out any medical causes. 

    It could be just a change from her baby hair to more mature hair.  My babies lost their hair much earlier, around 3-6 months.  Just like everything else about the body, the hair matures and changes as we age. 

    I would be careful with shea butter and castor oil, especially if you're using straight castor oil.  Most hair products use a hydrolyzed form of it to make it easier to remove.  Straight castor oil (and butters, and other oils) can build up in the hair and be very difficult to remove.  I doubt that's the cause of the hair loss though.

    I'm sorry - I don't think I've been much help.  But maybe some other people will have better ideas.
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    I would try to keep a products except shampoo off her scalp. It could also be normal growing changes. If you are truly concerned or if she is developing bald patches, consult her Dr. If not, ask at her next appointment.
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    definitely talk to your doctor ask for an allergist and pediatric dermatologist then try free and clear my 2 year old has an allergy which prevents her hair from growing but she is basically bald so I just use water on her hair for now its growing slowly since I figured it out the other thing we struggled with earlier in her life is an infection in her hair folicals I use a mayonnaise and olive oil treatment on her hair once a week the mayo has vinegar in it so it will kill any infection she may or may not have ot will also balance the of of her hair. the other thing you can do and your child will hate you for it but I have to do it because my kids actually ended up getting blisters on her skin from a laundry detergent and hand soap but her skin reacts under the skin so it won't turn red or get hives right away I have gone to this dip the end of a brand new screw that has no oils on it or tack or anything steril and sharp dip the end of that in your product you want to use and poke her back pretty hard she should say ouch but dont push it all the way it thats why I use the screw not a needle because its a wider base and just barely gets under the skin which is what you want definitely no bleeding should occur then at the same time poke her with just a screw nothing on it as a control because she will react to being poked normal reaction will be a little raised bump a little bigger than a pen head if the skin around the product poke gets more swollen or gets hives red patches or any sort of bigger reaction than the control poke dont use that product another important thing is if you do more than one product use a different screw with each new product and never reuse the screw for more pokes I let my kid run around top less during the 10 minutes as I watch the reactions occur this was recommended for me to do from my daughter's allergist since she isnt allergic to the things they can currently test for because she is a very small child so their tests are limited that they can do
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    Thinning of hair in kids is a very common problem these days. There are a few simple things that you can do at home to help improve the condition of your child’s hair. Make sure they are eating a balanced diet and getting enough protein, as this can help to promote healthy hair growth. You can also try massaging their scalp with an oil or cream to stimulate blood flow and nourish the roots. Finally, avoid using harsh chemicals or heat treatments on their hair, as this can further damage thin, delicate strands.

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