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Hello everyone!

I am hitting my 7 month anniversary with the curly girl method!   It's been a long 7 months of trial and error, but I have recently "cracked the code" to getting my curls to a place that makes me continuously happy.   My straight haired mother never knew how to take care of curly hair, so my hair had been washed & blown dried since I was a child.  Once I got control of styling my hair, it almost never went a day without a flat iron or curling iron (it's kind of funny to think that I would straighten my hair only to curl it again).  On top of all that damage, my hair was almost continuously dyed from age 13 - 30.  So as you can imagine, my hair was in a bad bad place.  I was holding onto hope that CGM would repair my hair, as it was quite long,  but parts of it were so beyond damaged it was permanently straightened! I finally faced reality and chopped half my hair off a couple months into CGM.  

I am now in a place where I love my curls.  Being able to walk out the door with my natural curls gives me a type of confidence and empowerment I have never felt before!  It's been like one big science project.  I know so much more about the science behind hair and I am more "one" with my hair than I have ever been!  I have decided to join the Naturally Curly board to seek some guidance on some hair hurtles I still have (mostly around frizz) and also share some things I have learned. 

One last note,  I want to bring more awareness to the fact that curl type shouldn't be the defining factor in which you decide your hair care.  I really struggled my first couple months going CGM.    When I decided to cut off the dead ends, I decided to get a DevaCut.  My stylist told me to stop using these "rules" for wavy/curlies and consider my hair porosity, thickness, and density.   Ignoring the dos & don'ts the online curly community gave for my hair type was the game changer for me.  If I had sought advice based porosity/density/texture instead of curl type in the beginning, I would have gotten to my curly happy place a lot sooner.  I see online so many curlies who give up on their journey to naturally curly hair after a fairly short amount of time.  That makes me sad, especially when they haven't given their curls a fighting chance.

Anyhoo, that's my story and why I am here.  Look forward to being part of this curly community!
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    Welcome! I second about hair type. My hair is 2c, probably 3a if I wasn't addicted to bleach. But unlike other wavies, I can throw whatever heavy products at my hair and not be weighed down despite my hair being fine too. I'm a big promoter of you have to do what you have to do even if it breaks the rules.
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    Welcome!  So great that you're happy with your curls now!  Yes, there's way too much emphasis placed on curl type.  My hair can go anywhere from a 3A to a 2A, depending on the day, the length, the weather, what products I use, how I dry it.  But everyone wants to classify their curls, and I did too in the beginning.
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    Liberating!!! Let the gels run free! Although I have not been delivered to the golden era of waves, I shall press on, and heed the words and advice of The Curl Queens before me (such as yourselves) because without that support and knowledge, I woulda thrown in the mircofiber towel awhile ago.
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    Thanks fir coming here to share your story. I'm sure you'll discover that this community is all about curly solidarity. I've been active here, kind of on and off, for about 10 years. The people here are great. Cheers, curlfriend. 
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