How Can I Combat Dryness and Retain Moisture?

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My hair is extremely dry and I can't seem to find the right products to retain moisture. I have been natural since 2016. Prior to that, I straightened my hair nearly every week. I had a problem with dandruff in the past, but since I went natural it is no longer an issue. I feel like my hair has completely changed in each stage of being natural is that normal? I will post pics of my hair maybe someone with the same texture can recommend some products or tips on building a regime to combat dryness... 


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    I don't have your texture, but if you have high porosity hair, layering products with methods such as LCO or LOC helps retain moisture. A lady with your hair type once stated that Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Milk and Kinky Curly Knot Today cocktailed together is amazing for high porosity hair (I agree that this is for some reason, a great combo considering I feel the SM milk is sort of worthless on its on and KCKT is not too moisturizing on its on). Just some thoughts. Also make sure your hair is free from build up so it can get moisture into the hair strand.

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