Suggestions for a good gel/jelly/ custard for type 4 hair?

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So i think I'm type 4a (maybe a little 3c and 4b as well). I usually use Camille rose curlmaker for my wash and goes and it always turns out BOMB. Like definition is great, moisture, hair moves well, hair is soft long lasting etc. I love it, i love it, i love. However, the one thing I HATE is the price. It's around $22 per bottle and I really can't afford to keep paying that price. I'm a student, so that plus all the other products i need really adds up. I've been trying to find other gels/jellies/custards that give me the same results but I just cant. Eco leaves my hair hard, lacking moisture, I tried Cantu's custard, that flaked a ton and my hair was again so dry and crunchy. Mielle didn't give me great definition and it wasn't that soft. I feel like i've tried so many other cheaper products and they just don't work. Does anyone else have a good replacement that you find is similar to Camille rose? (btw i usually put a leave in, curl cream, and oil before i put on the gel, if that makes a difference with any products you suggest). 


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    Some of the jelly/custards that I've heard really good things about are KCCC, Uncle Funky's Daughter something something (can't remember the full name), Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha, Camille Rose Curl Maker.  I'm not sure any of those will be cheaper though.  KCCC might be slightly less expensive, and it can be found at Target, so that'll save any shipping costs.
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    One thing to keep in mind is that not all products work well together. Just because your leavein or cream liked Camille doesn't mean it will like Cantu and that could be what caused the flaking. I typically use Tresemme as my leave in but I can't with certain gels. Have you tried activator gel? Certain times of the year I use Smooth and Shine curl activator gel. They just came out with another line but my hair doesn't like it. Also Aussie Moist and Kera Care have new curly lines with jelly type products. There is always FSG if you are really broke.
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