What to do about my bangs?

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Okay, I’m on about day 4 of CG method. I wasn’t all that unhappy with my hair before, but I can definitely already start to see a difference. Looks healthier and more definition. The problem is my bangs. I always have sideswept bangs with my hair when it is straight and curly. I blow dry and flat iron them. I’ve just never liked how I look without bangs, but I’ve been trying it this week to stick with the method. I don’t like it☹️. I don’t like how kinky it is at my crown. I don’t like how much my forehead is exposed. I don’t know if the curl arrangement might get better if I let my bangs grow out and get more used to styling it. I just can’t see myself ever feeling polished and confident without my bangs. But it seems like pulling out some bangs to straighten is going to mess up the curl pattern and the whole plopping process. Any suggestions? I’ve included some pictures of the progress from this week and some recent pics of my hair with bangs. Would love some encouragement. I see the benefits and want to keep going but I need my bangs! Thanks!

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    Hi, first, if you'd like to straighten or curl your bangs, you certainly can. If you always want bangs, the heat damage won't really matter.
    You can also find plenty of pics of curly/wavy bangs online for inspiration.
    I have 70s style bridgette bardot bangs right now, and this is what I do which you can try.
    Depending on what products you use, you probably do not want any product besides a leave in conditioner on your bangs. I don't know why but my bangs do not like products and it also allows me to easily brush them out if they start to look weird.
    After I apply my leave in, I find my bangs (this is the most annoying part since I always have that one long hair that does not want to let go of the actual bangs.)
    Then I brush the bangs so they are 100% smooth. Then I twist the bangs away from my face. I only do one large twist on each side of my face but I suppose you could do two twists.
    Afterwards, I put in my other products avoiding my bangs and style the rest of my hair. I will at the very ends gently scrunch the twists once, but I'm not entirely sure if this even does anything.
    The twists will undo and release themselves as they dry.
    Since you are a wavy, brushing out your bangs when they look weird shouldn't cause them to go poofy but create a soft wave.
    Best of luck!


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    I style my bangs after I plop and dry the rest of my hair. I wear mine wavy and just wet them, gently scrunch them, and maybe twist a few pieces. Sometimes I’ll use a small jaw clip while they dry so I can get a little more volume and achieve the shape I want!
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    I know what you mean. I greatly dislike my hair without bangs as well. 

    I use the old trick of gently wetting them and then pinning them back to the opposite side while they dry. I do this once my hair is dry. When its still wet, I separate them from the rest of the hair using a rat-tail comb. Recently, since my bangs have been growing out a bit and falling on their own, I just separate them and comb through them with the comb. This seems to do the trick for me :smile:
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    I feel your dilemma!  Before going CG I almost always had straightened straight across the forehead or side-swept bangs like yours.  I've just been clipping my bangs back (profile picture) until I figure out what to do with them.  It's been ~8 months and I have actually become comfortable not having bangs. I think it's like wearing red lipstick, it's weird and uncomfortable at first, but over time it becomes natural.  

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    I just finger coil my bangs to get more definition.

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    You are beautiful!
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    I feel your pain. I’ve been trying to grow out my Bridgette Bardot style bangs for months now (even pre-cg) and now they’re honestly driving me crazy. Some days they’re the curliest part of my hair and other days they’re frizzy and a weird kinky-wavy and I just end up pinning them back. I’ve tried scrunching, I’ve tried finger curling and pinning. Never get consistent results. Idk? Maybe I should trim them shorter and see if they curl up better.
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