Does anyone have experience with hair loss due to birth control?

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I have 3b hair that is usually very fine and porous but lately I've noticed that hairs fall out much more easily and every time i have a wash day I have a huge amount of hair coming off on the brush. I checked my scalp and there seems to be significant thinning around my hairline. My hair also seems spontaneously shorter even though I haven't cut it at all. I don't wear stressful hairstyles and I never sleep with my hair up. I use all sulfate free and paraben free products so I figure it must be either stress (I'm a very overworked college student) or more likely the fact that I recently started birth control. I have no idea how to approach this. Any idea on mitigating the effects without switching birth controls?


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    I have not experienced this, but I have heard of others that have.  You can do a search here to find discussions about it.  I would go back to your doctor and talk about it. 
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    @madztheline Yes my hair thinned and significantly changed curl pattern and texture even just switching from low estrogen to no estrogen birth control. 
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