My stylist just texted me that Lorraine Massey will be at her salon

foggybrainfoggybrain Posts: 21Registered Users Curl Neophyte
I know she's really making the rounds if she's coming to our podunk town, lol. Still, I'm dying to ask the most basic of questions.

But maybe y'all can help me too. We have a water softener and my hair is just too - well, soft. I use hard hold gels, so I kinda need a leave-in or a lightweight excellent rinse-out. Or not. I'm open to suggestions.

Anything you want me to ask her?

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    I'm so jealous! She is such an idol of mine.
    My hair hates soft water but luckily I rarely go anywhere that has it, so I don't have any advice. 
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    It was amazing! It was supposed to go from 2:00 to 4:00, but when I left at 5:15, she was still going strong. She's so lovely, positive and encouraging. She cut my stylist's hair (took off the last of her color revealing all gorgeous gray)  and did trimmed up some other folks. She transformed a woman who'd blown out her hair with just the usual refresher spray. It was kind of shocking how much difference there was before and after. 

    Anyway, if you ever have the chance, don't miss talking to her. She is a genuinely warm and caring person.

    As to my soft water problem, she advised not using a rinse out and using lots less product overall. Tomorrow is cleanse day, so here's hoping.
    2c/3a; moderately coarse; low porosity; medium density
    Still looking for HG products
    Live where it's perpetually Springtime with fog and wind
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    How exciting that you got to meet her!  I'd love to get a chance to meet her someday.
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    I found out years ago she came to my town in 2012. I was still fighting my curls at that time thinking I had bad hair. I didn’t know of Lorraine then but wish I had so I could go see her.

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