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hello all,
I started CG two months ago and while I have already seen some improvement, my hair is definitely a bit wild.  I am a 2B with fine low porosity hair, though it is dense.  I would say my biggest problem is that hair in my canopy is pretty stringy and straighter than the rest - which makes sense, given that this would have been the hair I would have straightened the most in the past.  (Especially if I was in a hurry - just make sure the top is smooth!) The hair underneath much more readily forms thicker waves and even an occasional ringlet!  It did occur to me today that I could change my part to see if that would help - that way some of the more damaged hair is more hidden.
I have a number of special events to attend in the next few months - a wedding, a fundraiser party for my job, and a very fancy gala for my husband’s job.  (Full length gowns are worn.). I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do with my hair. It’s not quite long enough for an updo, and I think the curls are still transitioning and don’t really look nice enough for a formal event.  I am considering blowing it out using some silicone free stylers (and no flat ironing) but I am concerned this will interfere with my progress.  Thoughts?


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    I've got a couple Christmas parties coming up, and I've been thinking about using a curling iron to get all over curls, and some backcombing and hairspray to give it more volume.  Sort of the look I really want but can't quite achieve naturally.  I'll probably get it done at a salon, because I'm horrible with curling irons!  Can't use one without burning myself.
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    You are beautiful!
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    You can also do flexirods. For me, they create curling iron like curls but heatless. It's my go to for conferences and special occasions.
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    Thank you all! I love the updo and might try it. Possibly the flexirods, too! I actually had the first event on Friday. I blew out my hair...and hated it,LOL! Without silicones it looked a bit dull. I used a curling iron to give the ends a little wave, which of course fell out immediately. I have only been CG for two months but it looks like I am a convert.
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    P.S. Guide 65, if you are looking for a new shampoo, I have been using Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Yogurt, with good results thus far.  It’s only been a week or two, though.

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